News in June 2005

Evoke 2005, 23rd Jun 05

Support by linking

Our banner system is back online, and this your chance to help and win. Put our banner on to your website and win some fabulous prizes! Details may be found here.

Evoke 2005, 23rd Jun 05

Come to Evoke by Mietbuszentrale

If you are coming to Evoke from somewhere in Germany you might want to use the service of the new "Mietbuszentrale". They offer trips across Germany for as low as 9,- Euro. All you need to do is to register at their webpage and hope that there are enough people who would like to travel the same route. (Thanks Matthias for letting us know)

Evoke 2005, 21st Jun 05

Evoke 2oo5 Theme Song

He did it again. Netpoet will shorten your wait for evoke with his marvelous theme "Favorite Astronaut". Go get it and listen to it all day long. [download]

Evoke 2005, 15th Jun 05

Entrance Fee

Finally we can announce that the entrance fee for Evoke 2005 will stay as low as 20EUR. Please note that we will take only Euro currency and that we don't sell any single day tickets.

Evoke 2005, 15th Jun 05

Long Distance Discount

Those who will have to travel more than 700km to get to Evoke may qualify for a long distance discount. In order to get this discount, you will have to apply for it in advance. Please use the contact formular (choose category 'long distance discount') to do so.

Evoke 2005, 11th Jun 05

Travel Info

We added some information how to reach Evoke by plane, especially for our foreign friends. And if you need a comfortable bed, check the hotel section.

Evoke 2005, 9th Jun 05

No idea how to get to Cologne? Place left in your car?

The page for offering and asking for a lift to Evoke has just opened. Whether you are looking for a place in a car or have a place left on your group ticket on the train to Cologne, register yourself here and enjoy a nice "Trip to the Party" with fellow sceners.

Evoke 2005, 5th Jun 05

Evoke 2005 website launch

Finally the Evoke 2005 website is launched at! You can already get some general location info and register yourself if you're thinking about coming. Also, the compo rules are already online, so you can start planning your entries.Travel instructions and other info will come up here really soon, so you should check the page regularly to stay tuned about Evoke 2005.

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