News in July 2005

Evoke 2005, 30th Jul 05

Evoke Invitation Intro

The official Evoke 2oo5 Invitation Intro has just been released at Assembly. Race through space in 4k. Download and comment it at pouet. Thank you very much 0ok, Black Maiden and Uemlauet Design for making such a nice invtro.

Evoke 2005, 29th Jul 05

Theme Song Remix Compo

The Theme Song Remix Compo is our latest addition to our fabolous compo lineup. Download the samplepack and start right away with your very own version of the Evoke 2005 Theme Song.

Evoke 2005, 26th Jul 05

ACiD sponsors ansi/ascii compo

Evoke is known for various things - amongst these the party's textmode art scene roots, which we celebrate year for year by organizing the ansi/ascii competition. To honor that, the legendary US ansi group ACiD sponsors this year's textmode graphics compo with some copies of the Dark Domain DVD. Get yourself together and participate, and maybe be the lucky owner of over 4GB of ansi/ascii art! Remember, the ansi/ascii compo is the only one where you can also participate without being at the party.

Evoke 2005, 24th Jul 05

If you are younger than 18...

...then please note that because of legal issues, we can not let you into the party place without a declaration of consent filled out by your parents. Please get in touch with us and we'll provide you with the necessary info.

Evoke 2005, 24th Jul 05


A (preliminary) timetable listing all compos and deadlines is online. Not that many changes compared to last year, though.

Evoke 2005, 12th Jul 05

Combined Ticket

Two parties, two towns, two weekends. Buenzli and Evoke make it possible: Having two successive weekends of party. Winterthur and Koeln, Switzerland and Germany, Buenzli and Evoke. With the combined ticket, you save some bucks on the entrance fee of both parties! Team up with all those people that visit Buenzli as well as Evoke, having two great weekends among their friends. The Buenzli and Evoke combined ticket costs you EUR 42.- and can be bought at the doorway of Buenzli, 19.20.21 August 2005 and is still valid one week later, at Evoke, 26.27.28. August 2005. Register yourself to Buenzli and Evoke now!

Evoke 2005, 11th Jul 05

Freak out!

Ever wondered who made the first demos? Who was the first to crack a game, or who invented the beautiful effects seen in nowadays' demos? When and how was the scene born, and who were the first pioneers to pave the road to nowadays' superproductions? You will find the answer to all these question in the soon to be published book FREAX. Buy your copy of FREAX at Evoke 2oo5 or win it in one of our competitions.

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