News in January 2006

Breakpoint 2006, 30th Jan 06

Website update

We've just updated the travel page to include up-to-date information for people going to Breakpoint by airplane. This includes information about a new bus line from Frankfurt-Hahn to Bingen.

Nullarbor 2006, 24th Jan 06

Registration open

Australia's Nullarbor demoparty is now only one month away! Register now to get submission information and important party news!

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Nightshift 2006, 24th Jan 06

Official Website Launch

The official website of Nightshift 2006 has been launched. The party will take place in Istanbul, Turkey in March 2006.

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Breakpoint 2006, 23rd Jan 06

RSS feed

For all you syndication junkies out there, the Breakpoint homepage now has a RSS feed for the news items - point your RSS reader at

DiHalt 2006, 18th Jan 06

English Website

The DiHalt organizers have put up an English version of their website.

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Slengpung, 18th Jan 06

Sea Soft and Sun 2

Doh / Dreamdealers excavated some photos from Sea Soft and Sun 2, a party held in the good old days before color film was invented ;) Cheers for the photos!

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The Gathering 2006, 15th Jan 06

The special tickets

The Gathering offers special demoscene tickets to us. They outline how to apply and the benefits ("goodiebag" and special demoscene area) right here.

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Slengpung, 15th Jan 06

Avast! Even more TUM 2005 photos

Raven / Nuance handed us some more snaps of TUM. Why, how could we refuse?

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8th Jan 06

Additions to the site

Today we added some more information to the startup page: it now shows last added parties, users and threads. Plus those people who contribute a lot to In addition to that the user pages got updated. And some more... just find out :)

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The Gathering 2006, 8th Jan 06

Some more news

Some more gathered news on the party: TG is running a logo compo, looking for geeks and updated their faq.

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1st Jan 06

New features for 2006

First of all we would like to wish you a happy new year! As you might have noticed we added the possibility to add comments for both parties and news. This is availble for all logged in users. In addition the shown low-cost-carriers should be rather complete now. Drop us a note if you should happen to miss your favourite airline.

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