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Buenzli 15, 30th Apr 06

Buenzli 15 Reshaped

Welcome to the new and reshaped Buenzli website. Following the good tradition of having a new design every year, we managed to completly adhere the "corporate design" of Buenzli 15 (2006). Most parts of the website are already switched on and are working, just browse around!

Assembly 2006, 28th Apr 06

Registration open

The registration to the ASSEMBLY '06 ticket sales starts Wednesday at 19:00 (Finnish time). Actual Ticket sales starts on Wednesday 10th of May at 19:00 (Finnish time)

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Slengpung, 27th Apr 06

superb excellent breakpoint photos uploaded!!

New photographs yes by breakpoint attendee erik xhale. good pictures, you like!

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Slengpung, 27th Apr 06

mov BP,0x7D6

Some more BP photos by Vickey/DFT and TrX/DD \o/

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Buenzli 15, 25th Apr 06

The Buenzli Fanshop

It was time for something professional. Replacing old, self-hacked code, our new Buenzli fan shop is now online! Buy T-Shirts, DVDs and of course also the famous cowee from our new and classy shop - every single item bought helps us organizing the next edition of the Buenzli event!

25th Apr 06

Maps for Europe on street level

The Google guys have added street level maps for Europe! So you´re now able to figure out exactly where the party locations are.
Sadly, at the moment none of the parties have been added 100% accurately -- but we will provide a method to fix that, soon.

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Breakpoint 2006, 25th Apr 06

2006-04-25 by Breakpoint Organizing

Another batch of party videos is available for download now: Video captures of the C64 Demo and 4K intro and the 96k game competitions.

And, hooray - in addition to the W:E and BASS concert videos already available, we now have the Ultrasound Concert for you!

Slengpung, 24th Apr 06


My batch of BP2006 photos are up now. (Not particularly good ones though :/)

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Breakpoint 2006, 24th Apr 06

2006-04-24 by Breakpoint Organizing

Ok, here we go with a first huge batch of Breakpoint 2006 party videos for your viewing pleasure - available for download now are video captures of the Amiga Demo and 64K intro competitions. And if you feel like getting some of BP's stage mood into your home, go get the concert videos for Welle:Erdball and BASS.

Slengpung, 23rd Apr 06

Ruff in the Jungle-Business

I have toh! More pictures from that jungle-party, courtesy of Chaotic^Farbrausch. Thanks Man!

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Slengpung, 22nd Apr 06

Nobody expects...

The spanish inquisition (i mean, ithaqua) gave me some pictures, so did Reko. As a result, more pictures from Breakpoint06 for your viewing pleasure...

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Slengpung, 22nd Apr 06

More from the spanish invasion

Sml/fuzzion sent more pictures about that party which is everybody talking about.. Called Breakpoint or something like that. Did anybody else went there?

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Slengpung, 22nd Apr 06

Hallo! Was?

Oh, yes, MORE pictures from the jungle, kindly provided by ddeml (10pics) & eha (30pics) thanks alot!

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fmx/06, 21st Apr 06

Nominees announced

The nominees for the "Realtime Award" are:

  • "Resonance" by Portal Process
  • "SSRI" by Traction
  • "Final Audition" by Plastic
  • "Perfect Love" by LKCC & Bauknecht
  • "Iconoclast" by Andromeda

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Slengpung, 20th Apr 06

More Breakpoint!

Added a bigger set of pictures, courtesy of cyraxx (34 pics) and blueling (11 pics), many thanks!

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Slengpung, 20th Apr 06

No shit!

Ok, i was planning to add 5, but obviously i had taken better pictures at that jungle party than i thought. Greetings to Reko, you know why

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Slengpung, 20th Apr 06

Take a guess...

Few more pics from da jungle!

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Slengpung, 19th Apr 06

More Pics from the jungle!

Kindly provided by pest. Go

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Slengpung, 18th Apr 06

Breakpoint 2006 rocked!

We're back from Breakpoint with fresh pics... It was a great party. All photos are shot by Dipswitch, except 2 donated by Yop. Enjoy!

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Buenzli 15, 17th Apr 06

"Explosive" Buenzli 15 Invitation

At the Breakpoint-Easter weekend, Traction released the Buenzli 15 Invitation Demo called "Explosve". The demo was created by Preacher/Traction (code), Little Bitchard/Kewlers (music), Genox/Calodox (design) and Unlock/Vantage (asskicking). At Breakpoint, this demo reached the 10th end rank (out of ~30 demos!). It runs fine on Windows - download it now and feel invited to the most explosive event of the year 2006!

Slengpung, 13th Apr 06

Breakpoint 2006

... is waiting for you. yes.

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Bitfilm Festival 2006, 11th Apr 06

Demo award at Bitfilm

The DEMO category is open for films of all genres that were originally produced as a realtime demo. There is no limit in length or size. Submission deadline is June 1, 2006.
The winner film will receive a prize money of 1500 Euros and a Bitfilm Robot. The Award Show will take place on September 7 in Hamburg, Germany.
The Internet community will decide about the Bitfilm Awards by a public voting process between June and September 2006

by poti //
The Gathering 2006, 10th Apr 06

Making Demos-Seminar / Webcam

The talented democoder Duckers of Outracks will be holding a seminar on making demos Wednesday night after the opening show. Be sure to show up early; last year's seminar was extremely popular!
Live webcam from Vikingskipet, Hamar, can be found here.

by poti //
Outline 2006, 8th Apr 06

Outline ticket sale has started

The official invitation text for Outline 2006 has been released with in it the ticket ordering info and prices. People who are currently on the prereservation list will be contacted over the next few days. All others are invited to place their orders. The more tickets Outline sells at an early stage, the more opportunities there will be to improve party facilities.

by sparcus //
Breakpoint 2006, 8th Apr 06

Live at Breakpoint

Welle:Erdball, Ultrasound and BASS are playing live at Breakpoint! Yeah, that's right, not only do we have last years kicking scene bands Ultrasound and BASS back to rock you, this year they will be joined by the well-known german electro pop band Welle:Erdball (who have strong roots in the C64 scene). Time for some serious dancing after a long demoparty day ;)

8th Apr 06

DTV proudly unleashes its new DTV Tour 2006!

Winter has slowly but finally decided to leave us to let spring arise again... the seasonal start of our demoscene live activities again.
From deep heart of Europe the DTV-staff has decided to double the successful experience of DTV Tour 2005 by enhancing it to be a memorable DTV tour 2006... namely "the Soft and hard where ? Everywhere ! ... DTV Tour 2006 !"

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Breakpoint 2006, 8th Apr 06

Shuttle bus

The Breakpoint 2006 Shuttle Bus Service page including a map and a timetable finally is online. Just in case you didn't know it yet: Breakpoint 2006 again is featuring a free shuttle bus connecting the party location, the inner city, all hotels, a supermarket and other points of interest. Busses are going from 09:00 in the morning until 04:00 in the night, non-stop every 30 minutes.

The Gathering 2006, 7th Apr 06

Prizes for this years demo competitions.

Here are the prizes for this years demo competitions!

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The Gathering 2006, 7th Apr 06

Airline strike

The norwegian airline SAS is currently suffering from a major strike, and it is unclear how long it will last.
If you were planning on hitching a ride with SAS to The Gathering, we strongly advice you to check if your flight will be affected, and arrange alternative transportation if neccessary.

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Breakpoint 2006, 3rd Apr 06

Visitors Questions & Answers

For visitors who've never visited Breakpoint (or another demoparty) before, we've now gathered a bunch of First-time Visitors Questions & Answers. Now you know.

The Gathering 2006, 1st Apr 06

Foreigners at The Gathering

Do you live outside Norway? Are you discouraged from attending The Gathering because of the distance or cost?
Read the article and get organized!

by poti //

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