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Buenzli 15, 30th Jul 06

Demoscene.TV Covers Buenzli 15

Buenzli 15 is the 5th stop on the big "Soft Hard where? Everywhere!" Tour 06. Live broadcasts from the party place, all competitions, acts and events on the internet. Be sure to drop in - and tell us about your shadow parties. Thank you, DTV, for your great support again!

Slengpung, 30th Jul 06

All your base are belong to Adok

Yes, sirrah provided some more pictures from that event in the woods. Too bad you aren't here.

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Slengpung, 30th Jul 06

En el verano se come menos!

GlenZ world domination at Euskal Encounter 14 report

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Slengpung, 29th Jul 06

Solskogen 2006

Since the norwegian demoscene is nagging so much, I uploaded some pictures from Solskogen 2006. Greetings to Quarryman!

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Slengpung, 29th Jul 06

Underground Conference 7

First pictures from Underground Conference 7 uploaded. Hopefully more as the party continues.

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Slengpung, 29th Jul 06

Gute Laune!

added more pictures from the one and only hardcore-underground-scene-party!. many thanks to fashion^vac.

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Slengpung, 29th Jul 06

The real party is outside.

more pictures from that PARTY in the woods.. kindly provided by formica. thank you!

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Assembly 2006, 27th Jul 06

Seminar updates

One new session, and three new speakers. Also, we are working to confirm a few more, and we'll update you about these shortly.

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Underground Conference 7, 25th Jul 06

Last call for reservations

Underground Conference 7, the most hardcore open-air demoscene event with tons of outdoor action and whacky competitions is about to start this Thursday. The party is held in the forest near Bingen am Rhein / Germany and is organized by the guys who also bring you Breakpoint. So, if you are up for a lot of insane fun, please register for the party NOW - (required) registration closes on Wednesday.

by poti //
Buenzli 15, 25th Jul 06

Competition Machine & Juryprize

Finally our sponsor HP notified us about the high end computer they're donating us - and thus we can finally notifiy you about the specifications of our competition machine. The competition rules got updated with the machine specs.

Since it's a fine tradition at Buenzli to give away the competition machine at the very end of the party, you should also check out our information on the HP jury-prize - and work hard to win it!

Underground Conference 7, 24th Jul 06

Travelling guide

The LIFE-SAVING (no fake) photo guide on how get to the location is now available here.

by poti //
Demozone 2006, 24th Jul 06

DTV Tour 2006 at DemoZone

Our friends from are glad to report that they will once again attend DemoZone on the DTV Tour, which will take them all across europe this summer, visiting and recording footage at numerous demoparties. is a non-profit organization that strives to promote the demoscene to a wider audience. They offer videostreams and related technologies to demo artists and parties and record reports and documentaries.
Be sure to check out their website, where they offer 24/7 videostreams of the best demos available!

by poti //
Buenzli 15, 24th Jul 06

Friday Night: Video Show

Friday night at Buenzli: It's time for a video show - from wild demos to professional computer animations, from trash to high class art. We will give you some of the best animations that have been made in and around the demoscene and video art scene.

Demozone 2006, 22nd Jul 06

Demzone almost ready

Just a few more days to go .. Demozone 2006. For those who stay @home there is Remember to bring a fan en cool beer, holland is heating up till 30C! Cu all on 28-7 till 30-7 2006

by poti //
Assembly 2006, 21st Jul 06

Desert Planet LIVE

This year's Assembly also features Desert Planet's live performance. Desert Planet is a electro-pop band from Finland with chippie flavours and influences from oldschool video game music and demoscene-music.

by poti //
20th Jul 06

Buenzli & Evoke Combined Ticket

Two parties, two towns, two weekends. Buenzli and Evoke make it possible: Having two successive weekends of party. Winterthur and Köln, Switzerland and Germany, Buenzli and Evoke. With the combined ticket, you save some bucks on the entrance fee of both parties! Team up with all those people that visit Buenzli as well as Evoke, having two great weekends among their friends.
The Buenzli and Evoke combined ticket costs you EUR 42.- and can be bought at the doorway of Evoke, 11.12.13. August 2006 and is still valid one week later, at Buenzli, 18.19.20. August 2006.
Register yourself to Buenzli and Evoke now!

by poti //
Buenzli 15, 18th Jul 06

Travelling and Sleeping

We finally added hotel information and news about other sleeping facilities to the site! If you don't want to sleep at the Buenzli 15 partyplace, you should definitivley check out that list. Sleeping information page

Also, we heard about prettycheap train fares available to travel from Germany to Zürich. See our train travelling page for the special "Die Bahn" offer (starting from 39 Euro for Frankfurt->Zürich): Travelling information. Now there's nothing speaking against coming to Buenzli 15 anymore.

The Alternative Stork Party 2006, 18th Jul 06

altstork is coming

despite all the rumours altstork is really happening! from 28. to 30. 7. at rantasauna in otaniemi, espoo. enjoy the sun, sauna, bbq and swimming with a cool relaxed atmosphere. some compos will happen also.

by poti //
Evoke 2006, 17th Jul 06

Evoke 2006 Theme Remix Compo

Remix the official Evoke 2006 theme song and take part in our special Evoke Theme Remix Compo. To give you some help we once again release the samplepack of our theme song. Please note that you may use the sample but that you are neither restricted to this samples nor do you even have to use them. Evoke 2006 Samplepack

Slengpung, 17th Jul 06

Poolparty 2k6

Some shots from this year's Hungarian demoscene chillout event. (Sorry about the quantity and quality, better shots will come up later by others. :/ )

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Slengpung, 17th Jul 06

PP2k6 batch 2

Second batch up, provided by Ziona, Jimmi and ZooM.

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Buenzli 15, 14th Jul 06

Open Mix Table on Friday

Are you a DJ, a musician, a mixmaster? Buenzli 15 will feature an open mix table on Friday night. We'll provide tables, chairs and a DJ mixer for you to connect your equipment to our sound system. Everybody who thinks he could provide us with some nice, entertaining soundtrack is invited to take part! Also, get in touch with us if you'd like to show visuals during the open mix table session!

Evoke 2006, 13th Jul 06 covers evoke

The nice people of will cover this years evoke again! They will stop by during their "Soft Hard where? Everywhere!" Tour of 2006 and promised to deliver the (now) usual live feed (for all the shadow parties *nudge* *nudge*), as well as a 2006 version of the much loved partyreport from last year. Thanks for being on the train with us!

Underground Conference 7, 11th Jul 06

Underground Conference 7 - Website launched

Finally we've launched the official HARDCORE website for Underground Conference. Check it out hüpfbär!

by scamp //
Evoke 2006, 9th Jul 06

Link Evoke and win

Banners for Evoke are available! Help us by placing those banners on your website and win some fabulous prizes. Take a look here.

Slengpung, 9th Jul 06

Meet the Furlans!

Finally uploaded a few pics from 0xAA, held last weekend near Udine (Italy). Big props to Rmeht, Skan, Delilah and Pan for the shots.

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MAIN 01, 8th Jul 06

MMAIN demoparty equipement

The MAIN Demoparty is equipping for 1,000 demomakers (tables - chairs - catering - relaxation areas) and technical services thanks to its partners (electric power officially supplied by EDF) and service providers (audio, Epson videoprojectors, broadband internet network, SUN servers, CISCO routers…). The following material will also be available to demomakers: a shared IBM 16 blades bay for calculating rendering for 3D events, to optimise production time on 3DS and Maya, a server and large format HD plotter for graphic 2D events, a local cluster with 2 Sun servers for creating web sites and podcast events.

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MAIN 01, 8th Jul 06

MAIN demoparty place in Marseille

The MAIN Demoparty will take place in the “Cartonnerie”, a 2,500m2 space in La Friche Belle de Mai Arts Centre. This spacious and luminous room comprises a 400-seat theatre-screening theatre with large screen. Screens surround part of the room, multiplying the videoscreening areas, and we are installing a 5.1 audio-video system to give your eyes and ears a treat.

by varou //
Demozone 2006, 6th Jul 06

Preliminary Registration Form

The Preliminary Registration Form is up! If you want to apply for a demoszone reduced fee ticket, you are advised to register!

by poti //
Assembly 2006, 6th Jul 06

ARTtech 06 seminars

With over 15 sessions and renowned speakers, the ARTtech '06 seminars are back in force. Want to get a job in games? Want to learn how modern day computer graphics came about? Want to know the latest about 3D audio? Check out ARTtech seminars!

by poti //
Evoke 2006, 5th Jul 06

Travellers and Youngsters

First of all, we want to remind all those who have a long way to travel to Evoke, that again we offer long distance discount for those who travel more than 700km to reach us. However, you will be only granted long distance discount if you tell us about your coming in advance.
Second, if you are under 18 and want to visit Evoke, you're surely welcome. The only thing you have to do is to get a special permission paper signed by your parents. We will email this paper to you on request. For both concerns, use our contact formular.

backslash 2006, 5th Jul 06

more information & malmen live!

we've now added a whole lot of more information on the infopage and the party is getting closer and closer. we're also happy to announce that malmen/beepdealers will perform a liveset at the party! hooray \o/ for you kruklovers who want to participate in competitions but not attend the party, yes, you can hand in remote entries.

by poti //

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