News in August 2006

Buenzli 15, 30th Aug 06

OHP Demo Captures Released

High quality captures of all four OHP demos released/performed at Buenzli are now, thanks to, available for downloading from Get those masterpieces and have fun. You can find the download-links on our after-the-party site.

Sundown 2006, 29th Aug 06

Sundown 2006 Old School Invite!

Ate:Bit have done an incredible invite that already has received a great response on Pouet, and on behalf of everyone behind Sundown I’d like to thank EvilPaul and co. for their awesome efforts.

MAIN 01, 28th Aug 06

Web update for MAIN 2006

We made an update and add a lot of infos in english inside the MAIN 2006 website. Check out all the features about the party place and "how to come" and register to the demo. See also who's coming. Cyber_Nostra

by cybernostra //
Function 2006, 27th Aug 06

Function 2006 website opened

The website for Function 2006 is officially open; read, register, attend!

by Gargaj //
Evoke 2006, 26th Aug 06

Evoke Express

The quick portraits done at the Evoke for the "Evoke Express" project are finally online! Thanks to anyone for participating in the project.

MAIN 01, 24th Aug 06

Reduction of the admission charge in 30 euro

Yo dear Scene, we reduce the admission charge to the MAIN demoparty in 30 euros instead of 50. Hope you come numerous.

by cybernostra //
Slengpung, 24th Aug 06

Now Available: Buenzli 15 Explosives

The first photos from Buenzli 15 are now exploding on Slengpung. Check them out, there are a few rare shots of rare people among them. More to follow soon - thanks to Andy/Nuance and Genox/Calodox^Vantage for the photos.

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Buenzli 15, 22nd Aug 06

HP Jury Prize: Results

For the second time, the HP Jury Prize was given away at Buenzli. Our independant party-jury decided on two prizes to be spreaded to the best entries to our competitions. The winners are:

Big props to the winners, the jury and of course to HP Invent donating the prizes. We hope our winners have fun with their new hardware.

Slengpung, 22nd Aug 06


Yeah, Jobe also had some pictures from Motorola Inside 2006. Kiitos!

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Buenzli 15, 21st Aug 06

After The Party

Get all the releases, results, report and photos from Buenzli 15! We finally opened up our after-the-party-page containing everything from and about Buenzli 15 we manage to find (the page will get updated often). Enjoy that stuff!

Slengpung, 21st Aug 06

Motorla Inside

Another weekend, another party, here are my pictures from Motorola Inside 2006

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Buenzli 15, 18th Aug 06

Buenzli 15 Ready To Start

Tomorrow, Buenzli 15 will become reality. Are you ready for your journey? We announced a lot of last-minute information at our website inclunding: Hotline number, The discounted compo-watcher ticket, Weather information and more. Bring your awesome releases and join us on Friday in Winterthur/Switzerland.

by poti //
Slengpung, 16th Aug 06

even more evoke

here are some more evoke pictures, kindly donated by alien/antitrax and freeze/speckdrumm.

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Evoke 2006, 15th Aug 06


Evoke 2006 is over. Thank you for making it a wonderful party! Like the last years we set up an after party page, where you can find a results, releases, articles, photos and more on Evoke 2006. See you at Buenzli, the Ultimate Meeting, Breakpoint or Evoke X.

Slengpung, 15th Aug 06


Several more pictures added to Assembly 2006, kindly donated by Vickey / Drifters and Zoom / Conspiracy.

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Slengpung, 14th Aug 06

More pictures from Solskogen

Added some more pictures from Solskogen 2006, taken by Dozer.

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Slengpung, 14th Aug 06

Evoke 2006

Here is a first batch of pictures from this year's Evoke, taken place last weekend in Cologne/Germany. Photos shot by Looza, D0n and Dipswitch. More to come!

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Slengpung, 14th Aug 06

More pictures from Evoke2006

and here comes the next train packed with another bunch of pictures, from this years really superb Evoke. Photos shot by acryd

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Slengpung, 13th Aug 06

Altstork and Assembly agian

Thanks to Diamondie, more pictures have been added from Altstork and Assembly. Have fun!

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Slengpung, 11th Aug 06

Primary Star 2006

'Tis the time of year again when C64 people meet on their little private meetings all over the continent. One of these was the 4th installment of Primary Star in the Dutch town of Reusel.

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Slengpung, 11th Aug 06

Demozone + Assembly

Finally home and added my pictures of Demozone 2006 and Assembly 2006. Enjoy.

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Buenzli 15, 8th Aug 06

Duo Agency Live Performance

The German music-producers/DJs Duo Agency, consisting of Malik Trey and Manfred Fischer (also known as Malik Trey and Gendrift of Nuance) will play a live set at Buenzli 15! Satuday night, 12pm - the time to be there.

Amiga Summer Party 2006, 8th Aug 06


Goto80 will be playing live saturday night. Professor Göran Wendin will give a Lecture on quantum computing. We have DJ-sets lined up to entertain you between compos and AmiGBG will host the BBQ saturday evening. Is that all? No, we got more stuff coming. stay tuned.

by poti //
Buenzli 15, 8th Aug 06

Unofficial Buenzli 15 Invitation By Marshals

Marshals released an unofficial invitation demo today over at Incorporating elements from our flyer, our party location and a massive soundtrack, this invitation boosts the expectations for Buenzli 15. Download this great production from the Marshals website. Thank you, Marshals, for this excellent support!

Slengpung, 8th Aug 06

My party summer (tm)

Midget donated some more pictures from Solskogen, thanks for that. Also uploaded my own pictures from Altstork and Assembly

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Sundown 2006, 7th Aug 06

Just so you know

Sundown is taking place on the 6th-8th October in Budleigh Salterton in Devon! Please explore all the links on the right for more information. Secondly, I’ll be getting Danbee to fix the CSS issues soon (IE users having uber trouble!) - bear with us!

Slengpung, 7th Aug 06

Y en el invierno hace un frio del caralho

Sole sent some more pictures from Euskal 14

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Sundown 2006, 6th Aug 06

The Website is Here!

Finally, after weeks (um, actually more like hours) of hard labour, the Sundown 2006 site is up and running proper loike. You will find all the info you need through the links down the side, and here you will see news and other updates as they happen. Give us a few hours while we fix [...]

Evoke 2006, 3rd Aug 06

Live performance by .mo and Sudio

Remember the fun we had in 2004? Two artists from the Evoke Netlabel Night will perform live at Evoke 2006: .mo and Sudio are going to put on some nice drum n bass and techhouse tracks on Friday night. More information on both artists are available here.

Evoke 2006, 3rd Aug 06

Crest Demoshow on Friday

After one year of pause Crest is back with a event Evoke is known for: his demoshow will start on Friday after the opening ceremony. It will contain a selection of the finest textmode demos plus some nice demos from this year's Assembly.

Slengpung, 2nd Aug 06

DemoZone 2006 Photos, ahoy!

First batch of pictures of DemoZone 2006 (courtesy of Avoozl) has been added, more to come!

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Buenzli 15, 1st Aug 06

[dK] Plays Live at Buenzli 15

The Italian electronic hi-tech dark rock band [dK] is going to play live at Buenzli on Satuday night, 10.30 pm. Dixan/MFX/Spinning Kids, one of the main heads in the band, promises to rock the house - no wonder since [dK] actually resembles Depeche Mode and will also play EBM tracks for your pleasure.

Buenzli 15, 1st Aug 06

Buenzli 15 Timetable

Finally we were able to put our timetable online. Check out all the features and when they're taking place. Note that the timetable can of course be subject to changes and is not fixed yet. The party is starting, as usual, on Friday 5pm and ends on Sunday, 1pm - which makes full 44 hours of Buenzli entertainment..

Slengpung, 1st Aug 06

Some more delicious pictures from the forest

And finally many emo pictures provided by fashion from Underground Conference 7, grab them while they are hot!!

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