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Icons 2007, 24th Nov 06

Site updated

Made some updates tonight... There have been some changes and additions to the rules, the most important being 1) you don't have to be present at the event to submit a production, as long as you have a representative who is present 2) .NET and Java entries are allowed in the combined demo compo 3) OGG audio allowed for videofiles

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7DX 2006, 24th Nov 06

Website online

The Website for 7D6 is finally online.

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GREP 2006, 22nd Nov 06

English info

The website has been updated with som english information for those non-swedes that might be intrested.

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tUM 2006, 22nd Nov 06

Travel-Page updated

We updated the travel page on how to get there from Frankfurt/Hahn or Heidelberg. Thanks to scamp for the information.

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Slengpung, 15th Nov 06

Mongo Norway!

The party noone is talking about, Kindergarden 2006, took place last weekend. Pictures were made by Tufs, Lug00ber, Dozer, Nrg and yours truly!

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tUM 2006, 14th Nov 06

Bustrip by Digitale Kultur

Digitale Kultur offers a bustrip from Cologne to tUM again. Take a look at their website for more information.

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Blockparty 2007, 10th Nov 06

Version 2.0 of BLOCKPARTY Site Up

kX^mode has given us a really nice redesign of the Blockparty Site, and we now have most of the rules for the competitions up! Check it out.

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Kindergarden 2006, 9th Nov 06

Last minute information

Because moneytransfer takes time, the deadline for paying in advance is set to thursday 9th of November. That means that if the money is not at the account by friday at noon, you may have to pay at the door. Also, foreigners can't pay in advance easily, so we decided to let you pay the 150 NOK at the door instead. Send us flowers. And remember, if you want a bonfire, bring wood!

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5th Nov 06

Several new features

During the last weeks we added some new features to

  • Party flyers may now be added! We are looking forward to some ancient ones.
  • You may add you Bitfellas and Sceners Database ids now!
  • For the party organizers: we finally offer an interface so that your visitors register for on your page (either via soap or via iframe). for more details get in touch with us, please.

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Kindergarden 2006, 5th Nov 06

Compo rules updated

The compo rules has been updated, mostly to tighten things up. The most important changes are the addition of Atari and C64 to the 32k exe music compo.

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Bitfilm Festival 2006, 3rd Nov 06


Steeler and Monroe (Sceen) will host a small demoshow today (2006-11-03, 20:30) in the Mandarin Casino (Hamburg, Reperbahn). After that: party with Eclectic Method from London (VJs par excellence) in the former Mojo-Club.

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Slengpung, 2nd Nov 06

The Meltdown strikes back

Only public scene action in Denmark this year, it's The Meltdown. More pictures will be added later when they are found. Kyber donated som pictures aswell

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tUM 2006, 1st Nov 06

A new MAP!

Just a small update.
We replaced the old maps over at the travel information pages with a brand new one.

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