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Assembly 2007, 30th May 07

Ticket sales have started

Tickets to ASSEMBLY Summer 2007 are now available from

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Syntax 2007, 30th May 07

Registration System Online

The official Registration system is now online!! Let us know that you are coming to Syntax party by registering yourself. This way we can make sure there is a party place waiting for you (aka. table space with 240v power!)

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Arok Party 2007, 30th May 07


The first official presentation of the party will be about the Bomberman-clone for plus4.

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Backslash 2007, 30th May 07

free beer for competitors!

yeah, that's right! if you hand in an entry which passes the preselection (in other words, an entry that doesn't totally suck), you'll be rewarded with a free beer or cider!

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Backslash 2007, 30th May 07

tshirt and comporules

hell yeah, we're damn proud to announce that we're producing a set of t-shirts with a nice "backslash 2007"-print just in time for the event. please note that the only way to get your own t-shirt is by pre-ordering and pre-paying it.
the comporules for backslash are now announced! go check out the compo page, make some entries and travel to cucumbertown to live the data dream.

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Horde 7.7.7, 30th May 07

Website up

The whole website is finally online. We are working on the details to provide you the best service.

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GREP Green 2007, 30th May 07

Prepay period over

Paying in advance is no longer possible. Check the list of prepayers!
Added some compo prizes.

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Buenzli 16, 26th May 07

Register for Buenzli 16

Together with the launch of the Buenzli 16 website, we also opened the registration for the party! Be sure to register yourself if you intend to come - but please only register if you think you can really make it to Buenzli 16. We decided to no longer offer prepaid tickets and generally simplified the registration process. Give it at try - you surely don't want to miss the Swiss demoscene event of the year, do you? Register here

Buenzli 16, 26th May 07

Buenzli 16 T-Shirts

Buenzli 16 Shirt (Standard) The brand new Buenzli 16 Shirts are now available in 6 different sizes in our shop! As usual, they are of a high quality  and have a 2 color print on them. The shirts perfectly act as daily streetware, too. The design by our favourite designer Ivo Zürcher has been transferred to brown and blue shirts. For the first time, we also sell Buenzli 16 girlie shirts. By buying the shirts, you're supporting us in organizing Buenzli 16. Buy the shirt in your size in our shop.

Buenzli 16, 26th May 07

Launch of the new website

Here we go again - we finally managed to pull out a new stylish design for the Buenzli website, now basing on Serendipity and featuring less information overhead than before. We will now going on by slightly extending the site and filling new content, so you should check back often! The best thing you can do is to subscribe to our RSS feed and stay up to date. Note that old site links mostly won't work anymore. You can, however, find the old Buenzli site at We hope you enjoy surfing our site and of course we want you to be a visitor of the greatest demoscene event in Switzerland.

Assembly 2007, 22nd May 07

Invtro released

Download the ASSEMBLY Summer 2007 invtro now!

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Assembly 2007, 22nd May 07

Summer '07 demoscene competition rules published

The final competition rules for the ASSEMBLY Summer'07 demoscene competitions have been published. Don't forget to check the changes to 2006. Good luck with your projects and see you in August!

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Assembly 2007, 22nd May 07

Ticket sales starts 27.5!

Advance ticket sales to ASSEMBLY Summer start on 27th of May. Registration starts on 13th of May. More info is available on the Tickets section of the site.

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Solskogen 2007, 22nd May 07

Shower-facility booked

The showers from 2004 are back! Yep; this year, the shower/wardrobe-facilities are located just 50 meters from the main party area, instead of several kilometers away like last year. Happy happy clean clean!

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Solskogen 2007, 22nd May 07


You know you've forgot something important when sceners start to call you to ask about the compo-machine specs. :)

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SceneCON 2007, 22nd May 07

English page

The english version of the page is slowly (ehm...) progressing, the News, the Contacts and the Registration page is already available in english! More to come Real Soon Now(tm).

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SceneCON 2007, 22nd May 07

Air conditioning

We just got the information, that there are some "slight" problems with the air conditioning system of the Cultural Centre, which unfortunately won't be solved until SceneCON. So, bring ventillators with you. Preferably lot's of them.

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GREP Green 2007, 22nd May 07


All compo deadlines are now on sunday. Please bring your own power cables.

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Maximum Overdose 8, 18th May 07

Timetable announced

We added the timetable, take a look. If you want to compete with a remote-entry please be aware that the deadline for remote-entries is Friday, 25th 14:00h CET.

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Compusphere 2007, 15th May 07

Live act

We are proud to present Goto80 and Sven Daniel to our friday lineup. Goto80 continues to give you those crazy blipp blopp beats and Sven Daniel will give you a tasty mixture of his own electronic beats. Don't forget that if you have a cozy chair or a beanbag and a big car, bring it! Make the party your livingroom.

by poti //
Simulaatio 5, 15th May 07

Several news

There has been a change to the bus timetable: the bus leaves 1,5 hours later from all stops! Check the new timetable.
New sponsors: Norfello, IRC-Galleria and Savon ammatti- ja aikuisopisto.
C64 specs added.

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Slengpung, 15th May 07


Some pics of a Portuguese scene meeting called lx++ that took place earlier this month.

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Slengpung, 13th May 07

outline 2007

Just returned from the nice and cozy Dutch party called Outline, held in Braamt and still going on. Here you can see some pictures.

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Arok Party 2007, 11th May 07


The page has started...

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Outline 2007, 9th May 07

Outline invite intro

The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation strikes again with an impressive invititation intro, this time on Atari ST. Code by Ray, music by Lotek Style, and graphics by legionnaire Shifter.

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Outline 2007, 9th May 07

Gracious in green

As usual Outline will be selling an official party shirt, as well as caps and shirts with the "busy bee" logo. This year's party shirt is a 3-colour design by Shifter. Sales of all items will start at the partyplace, and continue online if any stock remains after the party.

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Slengpung, 8th May 07

Pictures from FMX 2007

Last week, FMX 2007 went down in Stuttgart, Germany. We were of course present to do some serious demoscene pimping. Pictures by myself and Gargaj.

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Maximum Overdose 8, 7th May 07

We fixed the second liveact and added some sponsors

gwEm is gonna make the datadisko-dancefloor burn! We are also proud to present our last years sponsors again: Joellenbeck GmbH (aka) SPEED-LINK and the CSW-Verlag will contribute some nice competition-prizes

by poti //
GREP Green 2007, 3rd May 07

Invitro was released!

Traktor released the invitro for GREP Green 2007. Go get it!

by malmix //

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