News in October 2007

MAIN 02, 31st Oct 07

MAIN#2 C64 Invitro by Fairlight

C64 invitro

Credits :
Code .... Hollowman of Fairlight
Music .... Zabutom of Fairlight

Download it :

by cybernostra //
MAIN 02, 30th Oct 07

MAIN#2 CompoMachine specs

Et voilà. Here is the compomachine specs :

Intel Core2 Quad 66003 GB DDR2-SDram
500 GB SATA 3G HDD 7200 rpm
DVD writer SATA DVD Ram Double layer±R/±RW 16x/8x max
NVIDIa Ge Force 8500GT Turbocache 512MB>>1791MB
15in1 memory card reader
PS/2 keyboard & optical mouse
Genuine Window Vista ( / Linux / OS X)

All packed inside a HP Pavillon

Other OS/Hard available
Apple OSX
Sun Solaris

Sceners, You are welcome.

by cybernostra //
Kindergarden 2007, 30th Oct 07

Meals, Next Life & Sponsors

As last year, the staff will offer you some proper meals, this year also on friday. The friday meal will have to be paid in advance however, so check out the about section.
The band Next Life, which includes Duck-Hunter of Spaceballs, will perform at Kindergarden, check out the about section for more info!
Kindergarden 2007 is officially sponsored by ARM Norway

by poti //
Alternative Party 2007, 28th Oct 07

Invitation by FLO released!

FLO released its Alternative Party 2007 invitation at Stream 2007 demoparty but due to hardware problems we had to wait for the release version. Download it now!

by poti //
Alternative Party 2007, 23rd Oct 07

Kaartinen, Pasula & Pommak to do visuals

The VJ's Kaartinen, Pasula & Pommak will create visuals for Alternative Party's live gigs. Having a demoscene background, they have created their own VJ software to complement live music. Also check out the schedule for more information.

by poti //
MAIN 02, 14th Oct 07

MAIN#2 introduces Data Airlines Festival the biggest chipmusic event in Europe!

Yeah ! We are preparing the biggest Chipmusic event in Europe.

At the same time at the MAIN demoparty, the micromusic event Data Airlines Festival will take part on the 2 stages in Espace and Café Julien Theater.

Check the site for the whole line up and the music at

More 30 Artists like Crazy-Q, Goto80, Dubmood, Sidabitbal, Nervous Test Pilot, Stu @Schmx, Meneo Paza, Bit Shifter and many others will rock the bits every night with Atari vs. Gameboy vs. C64 soundclashes!

Open scene in the Cafe for all sceners. This is the event and the place to be. Don't miss it !

SO sceners we invite you to share with us the party.

by cybernostra //
MAIN 02, 14th Oct 07

MAIN#2 site update ::rules & schedule::

Hello all The site is updated with a lot infos about compos rules and schedule for the demoparty and the Data Airlines Festival from november 1st to 4 in Marseille. Champagne for all! You are welcome

by cybernostra //
BCNParty 111, 12th Oct 07

Account closed

The bank account for entrance payament has been closed. This is just for Spanish atendees.

by poti //
GREP White 2007, 11th Oct 07

Website online!

The website for GREP White 2007 is now online!

by malmix //
Slengpung, 9th Oct 07

Stream 07 and Dekadence 10v

Big up to Kraku for his batch from Stream 2007. Big up to myself for actually taking so many pictures of the 35 visitors at Dekadence 10v that some of them were usable..

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BCNParty 111, 5th Oct 07

New event: scener karaoke!

This year there will be a new event: karaoke competition, organized by stage7/Bixo^Genshiken and Evil/Glenz.

by poti //
Slengpung, 4th Oct 07

f07 again

And finally some more pics by Addario.

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Alternative Party 2007, 1st Oct 07

List of people coming to Alternative Party 2007 opened

We have started a list of people who are coming to our event, so you can add your name and see who else will be coming.

by poti //
BCNParty 111, 1st Oct 07

Timetable and seminars update

The timetable and the seminars sections have been updated.

by poti //
Slengpung, 1st Oct 07

More f07.

Phew. Some more pictures from Function 2007, thanks to Charlie, Zoom and Tomcat!

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Slengpung, 1st Oct 07

More Stream

Thank you Biini! Stream 07

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