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tUM 2007, 27th Nov 07

Sponsor-page updated

The sponsor-page has been updated. Please support them for supporting tUM by visiting their websites! Thank you!

by poti //
GREP White 2007, 25th Nov 07

New location!

Great news! Due to popular demand we have been looking for a partyplace in the city of Skövde and finally found one! The new place is Peach Pit student club in Skövde.

by malmix //
Slengpung, 20th Nov 07

More from the norwegian parties

Big up to dbug, lug00ber, drerik and tft. Pictures from Kindergarden 2007 and Solskogen 2007 added..

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Kindergarden 2007, 19th Nov 07

The party is over

All prizes has been delivered, and the doors has been closed. Kindergarden 2007 is now officially closed. Compo-results and contributions will follow.

by poti //
Slengpung, 19th Nov 07

Kindergarden 2007

Here's the first batch of pictures from Kindergarden 2007. Greetings to Nrg for taking my camera while I was busy organizing..

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Slengpung, 15th Nov 07

New feature

The observant observer may have noticed a new line of info under the pictures in here, saying "Picture provided by...". As you may have guessed, this refers to the person who gaves us the pictures. The database is incomplete though, mainly due to cases like us not remembering who provided us with pictures 6 years ago.. So, if you do find a picture (or a set of pictures) you provided and you're not credited. Drop us a mail or use the comment field..

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Slengpung, 13th Nov 07

More Altparty pictures

Big up to Diamondie and rjv, small up to myself for taking so long, but at least having some pictures to show. Either way, here are some more pictures from Alternative Party 2007!

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Kindergarden 2007, 12th Nov 07

Deadlines, Schedule, Soccer and compo machine

The PC Compo machine specs are as follows: Intel Core2Duo E6600 (2,4ghz), 2 gig c6400 RAM, ATI x1600 with 256mb vram, sb x-fi, updated winxp with the latest version of dx and drivers.
The deadline for all entries have been set to Saturday at 12. This includes the deadline for remote entries.
We also decided to make room for the soccer game between Norway and Turkey on the bigscreen. Enjoy!

by poti //
tUM 2007, 10th Nov 07

Bustrip from Cologne

Just like the last years Digitale Kultur e.V. is organizing a bustrip from Cologne to tUM. Find more details on their webpage.

by poti //
Kindergarden 2007, 10th Nov 07


Monday will be the last day for ordering meals in advance, so if you haven't done so yet, you better hurry!
(The friday meal is only available if you order in advance)

by leijaa //
GREP White 2007, 6th Nov 07


We are back from the great Jamaica Rom Party with the GREP White 2007 invitro! get the Inwhitero now!

by poti //
MAIN 02, 5th Nov 07

MAIN#2 is over

Hello to all; thank you for your participation, see you all; more and more next year, same place.

by poti //
tUM 2007, 4th Nov 07

the Ultimate Meeting 2007 - for a fistful of pixels

Howdy cowboy, yeeha cowgirl!
Welcome to the Ultimate Meeting 2oo7 We're happy to invite you to another edition of tUM at the end of demoscene year number 2007.
The seventh edition of the Ultimate Meeting starts on thursday the 27th of December at 13:00 and ends on saturday the 29th around 14:00 with the prizegiving ceremony. As usual we'll meet at our beloved demoscene ranch in Karlsruhe-Durlach.
Please visit our website and register!
See you there
The Ultimate Organizing Team!

by poti //
Slengpung, 3rd Nov 07

Live from Altparty..

Big up to Kraku (and Tribe) for helping out making sure all you people got some live footage from Alternative Party 2007. Greetings to Al Lowe

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