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Slengpung, 29th Dec 07

tUM 2007 - first pictures

Just returned from this year's post-christmas scene highlights - tUM 2007. Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

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Breakpoint 2008, 28th Dec 07

Website launch

Welcome to the Breakpoint 2008 website, launched live at the TUM Party 2007 in Karlsruhe/Germany.

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tUM 2007, 26th Dec 07

Timetable online!

Ye olde timetable is now online. Check it out here!

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Codex Alpe Adria 2007, 25th Dec 07


Ozon wrote us: The demoscene part of the event was cancelled.

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GREP White 2007, 20th Dec 07

ASCII graphics compo

Added rules for the ASCII graphics compo at the compos page.

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Evoke 10, 18th Dec 07

Partyreport by Moods Plateau

Moods Plateau have released a party report on Evoke 10. Watch it to get some some interviews and some of the atmosphere of Evoke 10...

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tUM 2007, 17th Dec 07

Hotels, remote entries, entrance-fee (again)

The hotels-page is now online. Furthermore we are now officially allowing remote entries for individual artists competitions. Read more about it here!
And, to clarify again, boys AND girls are subject to our entrance-fee this year. Since more and more woman are active in the demoscene, we decided to break with our old tradition that they get in for free.

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Oxyron Party v2, 11th Dec 07

Oxyron Invitation out now

yo... finally theres the oxyron invitation demo out now. we hope you enjoy it - get it here: we hope for alot of c64 users to attend the party.

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GREP White 2007, 10th Dec 07

Minor changes

Did some minor changes/additions to the schedule, compo and travel sections.

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tUM 2007, 3rd Dec 07

Entrance fee

The entrance fee for all cowgirls and cowboys is 35,- Euro. If you are traveling a long distance to visit us - please contact us in advance to register for a discount.

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