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Slengpung, 23rd Dec 08

Better late than never: Buenzli 17 Gallery

Now featured on Slenpung: The Buenzli 17 photos... it took months, but now they are here, supplied by Vectrex, Moqui, Robocop, Chrissie and Gurit (thank you guys). Enjoy!

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Slengpung, 19th Dec 08

12 years worth of nostalgia

I went through and scanned a bunch of my old pictures. Some were here from before, but I've updated them. Have fun with the norwegian scene and friends at The Gathering 96, 97 and 98, The Party 97, 98 and 99 and Kindergarden 1997

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Slengpung, 15th Dec 08

More from 0a000h 2008

Main organizer Styx sent in some more photos from 0a000h 2008! Thanks man!

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Flashparty 2008, 10th Dec 08

Flashparty 2008 is officialy cancelled

Flashparty 2008 was cancelled due to a problem with the partyplace. The party is re-scheduled to April, 2009. We're afraid that the 2008 edition won't happen. This is pretty sad considering that the first Flashparty was exactly 10 years ago, but well.. we already have a new place for 2009 which looks very, very promising. We will do our best to have an exciting party in April :-)

by poti //
Slengpung, 9th Dec 08

0a000h 2008

0a000h. Germany. 2008. December. Hopper. Thx.

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