News in April 2009

Slengpung, 29th Apr 09

New Pics on the Block!

The first wave of pics from Blockparty 2009, donated by Polaris and Mrb!

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SceneCON 2009, 28th Apr 09

Partypage online

The partypage for Scenecon 2009 is now online!

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Rewired 2009, 22nd Apr 09

2009 Website Launched

Wahey !
The website for Rewired 2009 is online. Check it out and feed your brain with information.
The URL?

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Slengpung, 21st Apr 09

More Brokepaint photos!

Four more sets of photos have been added from our beloved Brokepaint 2009. Thanks to tFt, StreeTuff, Response and tEiS.

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Slengpung, 17th Apr 09

Don't forget Norway (Kenya!)

Big up to lug00ber for some pictures from the democrew point of view at The Gathering. More pictures should follow later :) Greetings to Dozer as well!

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Slengpung, 17th Apr 09

Even more from sunnypoint2009

Thanks to kyber, budda-x and puryx for these nice pictures from the danish department of underpants. Go take a look right here

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Slengpung, 16th Apr 09

Three more BP sets are up!

Three more batches of Breakpoint 2009 photos have been added. Thanks to m0d, Saga Musix and Neoneye.

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Slengpung, 16th Apr 09


And yet another batch of photos from Breakpoint 2009 have been added. This time it's photos from Thec, TMA and some more from Endo. Thanks guys!

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Slengpung, 15th Apr 09

BP 2009 pics by Endo and Hopper

Here we go with more Breakpoint 2009 photos (starting from page 5) which were donated to us by Endo/Glance (C64, Turkey) and Hopper/Squoquo (PC, Germany). The latter's photos are shot with a Pentacon Six on b/w film and developed by hand. Enjoy!

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Slengpung, 13th Apr 09

Breakpoint pics from Saturday to Monday

So, here we go with the rest of my Breakpoint 2009 pictures. More to come from other photographers, I guess. Enjoy!

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Slengpung, 11th Apr 09

FirstBreakpoint pictures!

Slengpung is bringing you 0-day warez again! Click here to see Breakpoint pictures from Friday. The party rocks, expect more.

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Outline 2009, 7th Apr 09

Jeroen Tel live at Outline 2009

We are happy to announce that Jeroen Tel, aka WAVE / Maniacs of Noice has agreed to lighten up Outline 2009 with a kick-ass live performance! So if you have not done so yet, get yourself a ticket now!

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Breakpoint 2009, 6th Apr 09

Several news

Several news have been posted to the Breakpoint website. Those contain information about travelling, live performances and the time table.

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