News in June 2009

Evoke 2009, 29th Jun 09

Barbecue Area

For all your nutritional needs we will be providing you with two enterprise-ready, always-on, five-nines-uptime barbecues in our new outdoor area. The barbecues will hopefully be always on and have some coal, lighter and some barbecue-silverware right next to them so you can slam a steak on them whenever you like. If weather allows we will most likely have some PA outside as well and everything will turn into a nice outdoor party. So, bring your meat (or vegetables, if you swing that way (not that there is anything wrong with that))!

MAIN#4 - ADA 2009, 27th Jun 09

Huge screen test

We had the opportunity to test the external bigscreen at the MAIN4 partyplace and we took a small video to redefine "actual size"
Watch it on YouTube :
Or download (H.264) :
Thank you for the 58 registrations so far, from all over Europe. See you soon in Arles!

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Slengpung, 26th Jun 09

SceneCON 2009

The first blob of pictures from SceneCON 2009 has arrived - big thanks to Modoc and Zoom for the contributions.

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Buenzli 18, 24th Jun 09

Link exchange

We have finally created a few buttons and banners for you to use on your website. Support us by sending some visitors to! Of course, we’ll gladly link you back if you notify us once you’ve placed the banner on your site. Check the link exchange page.

Solskogen 2009, 23rd Jun 09

Compos and compo machine update for Solskogen 2009

Specs for the compo machine and an updated ruleset is published today.

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Solskogen 2009, 23rd Jun 09

Three concerts booked for Solskogen 2009

Catch Next Life, Mui and a secretly imported DJ treat at Solskogen this year.

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Solskogen 2009, 23rd Jun 09

Tickets for Solskogen 2009 available!

Oh lucky day! I bet you woke up this morning thinking: “Huh, what will I order on the internet today?” - the answer is, of course, a ticket to Solskogen 2009! Prices: Ticket: 250,- NOK (roughly 30 EUR) T-shirt: 150,- NOK (roughly 18 EUR) Food coupon: 50,- NOK (rougly 6 EUR)

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Evoke 2009, 15th Jun 09

Website launch

Six weeks before the party we finally launch the Evoke 2009 website. Expect to find information about the new location, compos and so on. Some stuff is still missing (entrance fee e.g.) and will be added in the next days.

Slengpung, 4th Jun 09

Arcane singing at LTP 4

I've finally come around to repairing the old and broken rm-file of my stage performance at LTP 4 and turned it into something playable. It can be found in the films section.

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farmfest '09, 1st Jun 09

The new website is online

We've now put up a simple webpage about the party. It will be updated with new information frequently right up until the date of the party. Stay tuned!

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