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Slengpung, 29th Oct 09

Pants off for TRSAC2009

Yes, pictures the biggest danish party of 2009 finally arrived, thanks to Kyber. Now go watch them

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Slengpung, 3rd Oct 09

Main 2009 - first batch of pics

Live from Main 2009 in Arles, the party with the awesome screen and friendly spirit, we present you the first batch of photos from friday. Enjoy! More to come...

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TRSAC 2009, 2nd Oct 09

Last chance for food tickets

Sales of food tickets will officially end on monday 5th October. If you want a ticket with food included - buy it NOW! Also remember to submit or notify us about your remote submissions. We're now expecting around 100 visitors, and we're looking forward to a really awesome party!

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