News in December 2009

Slengpung, 31st Dec 09

The Ultimate Meeting of 2009

Those were nice days, there at the very last demoparty of the year. Enjoy the first (and hopefully not last) batch of photos from TUM 2009, supplied to us by the brave organizer MBB.

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Slengpung, 22nd Dec 09

More from Kindergarden

A few more pictures from Kindergarden have been added, see them here

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miniMAXIMUM OVERDOSE, 5th Dec 09

Competitions announced

... remote entries are accepted as well.

by poti //
Slengpung, 4th Dec 09

more main

Here are more MAiN 2009 photos, provided by Netpoet, Wodk and Dipswitch.

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Slengpung, 2nd Dec 09

Sundown 2009

Yes. We're late. We know. In any case, Sundown 2009 pictures kindly provided by m0d!

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