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Evoke 2010, 26th Apr 10

Invitation: YouShould by Haujobb

Haujobb are back! They released "YouShould" -- the invitation for Evoke 2010 -- at Geeks can dance.

by poti //
Slengpung, 21st Apr 10

Surprise Surprise, more pictures from Bingen

Karoshier just supplied us with some more goodies from Breakpoint 2010

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MAIN #5 2010, 14th Apr 10

New website online

As you might have noticed, MAiN#5 Demoparty will happen from 1.10 to 3.10.2010 again in Arles / Southern France.
Rebels, BitFellas, TRSi and Cybernostra invite you to participate on this demoparty !
Feel free to register yourself if you plan to come this year ( dont miss to see europe´s biggest external screen under "demoscene fire" )
Book in advance cheap flight tickets from almost all airports at the moment around 70 Euros. Shuttle services are arranged like last year !
Visit our new website with videos, images and feedback from last party and to register your visit ...

by poti //
Slengpung, 10th Apr 10

BP2010 still

Some more Breakpoint 2010 pictures, this time by Hopper and Bacter!

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Slengpung, 9th Apr 10


Thanks to M0d, Silverlance and TMA, we now have even more pictures from Breakpoint 2010

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Slengpung, 8th Apr 10

Breakpoint 2010 - again

Actually had time and motivation to go through my pictures this year. Slightly nordic conspiracy centered. Have fun with more from Breakpoint 2010

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Slengpung, 8th Apr 10

BP2010 - #3

Another dose of great bp pics from Saga! Thanks!

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Slengpung, 8th Apr 10

Back to Sweden

While everyone else does that small german party, I rediscovered my pictures from Datastorm 2010

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Slengpung, 7th Apr 10

Breakpoint 2010 - the first ones

Hung over like there's no tomorrow - the first batch of pics from Breakpoint 2010 are here, thanks to Jenni!

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Hackers Top 2010, 4th Apr 10

Hackerz Top 2010 invitation

We have been released «Hackers Top 2010 invitation» Platform ZX-Spectrum and Commodore C64. Also work can be viewed on YouTube ( ZX & C64 ).

by breeze //
Buenzli 18, 2nd Apr 10

Buenzli 19

Buenzli 19, the number one demoscene festival in Switzerland, is going to take place in August 2010! Make sure you can join us an book your free days in time! Homepage upgrade, advertising, much much more information and everything else is coming to this place soon! Buenzli 19 - 20/21/22 August 2010, Winterthur, Switzerland.

Slengpung, 2nd Apr 10

The Gathering 2010

More pictures uploaded from The Gathering 2010. We had an awesome time, be sure to attend next year.

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