News in November 2011

Slengpung, 30th Nov 11

Better late than never

A big batch of pictures from Solskogen 2011 just found it's way to slengpung. Thanks to Thec and Sesse for pictures.

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Slengpung, 19th Nov 11

And now for something from Denmark

Pictures from TRSAC 2011 have arrived, hopefully more will follow shortly

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Slengpung, 13th Nov 11

More norwegian goodies

Another batch of pictures from KG11, courtesy of T-101

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Slengpung, 9th Nov 11

Kindergarden 2011, dose #1

Norwegian goodness from Kindergarden 2011, kindly donated by Zeila; and as a bonus, we're filling a gap with some pictures from last year as well!

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