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Evoke 2012, 30th Jul 12

Timetable is online

Heading towards Evoke, the timetable has been released! Some really nice specials are still missing as those seminars, live acts & birthday celebrations will be announced shortly. You should really be looking forward to this!

Evoke 2012, 30th Jul 12

Combined ticket with Demodays

Attention, party hoppers: This year's Summer-parties Demodays and Evoke are back with the combined ticket! Save 5 bucks with the ticket that's valid for both parties. Evoke is taking place in Cologne (10-12 August) and the Demodays start off three weeks later in Olten (31 August to 2 September).

If you're ready for the experience, start at the entrance of Evoke by mentioning you want to buy the combined ticket, have your cash ready and tell your name. Three weeks later, at the Demodays info desk, you show your Evoke bracelet + the ticket and you're in. Thats it!

If you were not yet planning to go to Demodays and Evoke, isn't this reason enough to think it over again?!

Evoke 2012, 17th Jul 12

Unofficial Evoke Pre-Party

We're not sure if you already heard it or not but Topy44 is organizing the unofficial Evoke Pre-Party at the fablab/hackerspace "Dingfabrik" in cologne.

So if you arrive early you could go there to have a few beers, watch demos and meet other sceners even before Evoke starts. Topy44 has compiled a some more info at


Nordlicht 2012, 15th Jul 12

Deadline for remote entries extended

Just a quick note that the deadline for all remote submissions has been extended to Tuesday, 18th July 2012, at 23:59 GMT. This one is FINAL! No, really :)

by moqui //
Evoke 2012, 15th Jul 12

Evoke Invitation wins at Solskogen!

The invitation to Evoke 2012 won at the Solskogen 2012 Wild-Compo. Get the awesome release here and see how we try even more to lue you into coming to Evoke.

Thanks and congratulations to susencrusen, chunna, streetcreatures and stülle for a very nice initation to a very nice demoparty to come.

Evoke 2012, 15th Jul 12

Supporter Ticket

If you want to support Evoke even more than you already do by coming and paying the regular entrance, you can buy the "Supporter Ticket". You will be able to pay in advance, get a correct invoice for your payment and receive a "free" shirt at the party.

So if you'd like to up the amount of prizemoney or need a way to make your trip to Evoke a business trip (by combining it with "GCD" or "gamescom" for example) simply surf here and find all the information you need.

Nordlicht 2012, 11th Jul 12

Sold out

Registration for Nordlicht 2012 has now officially closed, thank you to everyone who is attending! SceneSat will broadcast the competitions live during the party saturday (21st july), so don't forget to tune in! :)

by poti //
Evoke 2012, 11th Jul 12

How to get to Evoke and where to stay

For the regular Evoke visitor most of the following information is probably well known already. Four years in the same location and you can nearly call it home game.

For all the others here is information on how to reach AbenteuerhallenKalk by plane, car, train and busses.

If you don´t want to drive all the way to Evoke alone: why not add your free seat to our lift database? Use the same form when you are seeking a lift to the party.

For those of you who do not want to sleep at the party place we gathered a list of nice hotels around the location. If you happen to have a tip from the last years: tell us so that we can add another nice accomendation.

Slengpung, 8th Jul 12

@Party 2012

A huge dose of photos from the biggest American scene event, @Party 2012! Thanks to Luis for compiling and the respective photographers for being on the spot!

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