News in July 2013

Demodays 2013, 11th Jul 13


Do you need a ride to the Demodays? Do you have a spare seat in your car when driving to the Demodays? Offer and search on our fast-made ride-share page. Ride-sharing is good!

Demodays 2013, 8th Jul 13

REUNION at Demodays

The bi-annual Swiss C64 party SWISS PIRATES REUNION is not taking place in 2013. The organizers of REUNION will, however, come to Demodays 2013 and recently invited all REUNION visitors to be at Demodays 2013 too. Dr. Science writes: "Wir würden uns freuen, wenn möglichst viele C64 Szene-Freaks auftauchen würden um mit uns zu feiern und mit einem kühlen Bier auf die gute, alte Zeit anzustossen :-)". We'll have special C64 features like the traditional Demoshow to welcome the REUNION regulars at our event. Welcome, REUNION!

Evoke 2013, 8th Jul 13

Seminars: Steffen Kaus on Amiga demo style GFX without coding

Beneath all the compos, live acts, barbeque and meeting friends we also provide you with some interesting seminars at Evoke:

First confirmed seminar is by Steffen Kaus who is going to show his approach to reverse engineer an amiga bootblock demo by using the film-compositing software Nuke. Nuke can be called first-choice in the VFX industry today.

The seminar will happen Saturday at 13:00. More seminars will be annouced shortly.

Evoke 2013, 5th Jul 13

Fixed Palette Compo

We finally published the pixel palette for the Fixed Palette Pixel Competition!
We replaced the old Pixel Compo with a new one, where you have to use a given Palette of colors. You can even attend this Competition from remote! Read all updated rules at the Graphic Compo Rules Page

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