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Evoke 2013, 31st Jul 13 Competition 2013 prizegiving at Evoke

For the 6th time has been organizing a fractal art competition. In three sections (still frame, theme "axolotl" and video) over 180 entries have been submitted and 4000 votes were counted.

We are proud that the prizegiving ceremony will happen at Evoke on Saturday at 18:00. 

Expect to see the best entries and an unforgettable show: Girls, golden shirt and shiny bakery are promised. So are coffee mugs as prizes! 

Demodays 2013, 30th Jul 13

Wanted: Info-Orga

Once in a while, we do need new organizers for the Demodays. We are currently looking for a communicative, reliable and motivated new organizer colleague to support our info team (entrance, help people, build-up before the party, clean-up after the party, ...). Do you want to help creating the Demodays experience? We would love to meet you. Read more about this.

Demodays 2013, 28th Jul 13

Live On Stage

No good demoparty without a bunch of high energy live sets: The Demodays 2013 line up is now fixed! These three live acts will get your body moving: We'll start on Friday with Xtrium. Netpoet will sweeten your Saturday afternoon and Knoeki gives you more drum and bass than you'll ever need on Saturday night. Come on dancin'!

Demodays 2013, 28th Jul 13

The Timetable

We've got less than a month to go for the Demodays 2013 - it was about time to reveal the time table. All the demoshows, live sets, competitions (and deadlines) are more or less lined up now. Check out our timetable on the event information page.

Evoke 2013, 27th Jul 13

Respawn: The Gathering of Game Developers

Another event for you to consider staying a little longer in Cologne after Evoke is Respawn - gathering of game developers. 

The freshingly new games conference is also happening in AbenteuerhallenKalk (so you will not have problems finding the location) on Monday and Tuesday after Evoke!

It features talks on major game development and marketing issues, such as game design, art direction, coding, sound design and business happening at different spots in the large hall. In addition they will offer a bbq on Monday and a closing party on Tuesday! In total: a great warm up for gamescom!

Tickets are available starting at 59 Euro.

Evoke 2013, 25th Jul 13

Platine shows an Amiga Ascii Art Special Exhibition

In 2011 we participated in Platine Cologne with a "best of Evoke" demoshow. This year they have something really special:

In cooperation with Divine Stylers & Up Rough they present an Amiga Ascii Art Special Exhibition in Zoo Schänke (Cologne/Köln Ehrenfeld). 

Featuring the textmode-graphics from various artists and visualize them in a new way. By using various printing techniques they will transform these nostalgic artworks into reality and introduce them to the public in individual ways – from letters to characters up to complete comic-stories and abstract wild-styles.

The exhibition is part of Platine: starting on Monday after Evoke until the 23rd of August! Every day from 19:00 to 23:00. Free entrance!

Evoke 2013, 24th Jul 13

The even more open ANSI/ASCII Competition

Even the good old ANSI/ASCII competition has to face changes for this year´s edition of Evoke: 

For the first time we will allow entries which have already been released in packs and collections, but only if these were released in 2013! The information has to be present with your submission and will be displayed on the big screen, so the visitors can judge. 

Just like the last years you do not have to be present at the party to release. The deadline for remote entries is 16th of August. 

We would like to make it a blast of a competition, so please contribute and show how vital the scene still is! 

Evoke 2013, 24th Jul 13

PrEvoke happens again in 2013

After the nice success last year Topy will again run the unofficial preparty to Evoke in 2013. Again it will happen in fablab/hackerspace Dingfabrik on Thursday right before Evoke.

So if you are arriving early in Cologne for Evoke or are still planning your trip this will be the place to be on Thursday evening! 

Some Evoke organizers will be there for sure. Expect us to arrive a little later, as we are busy setting up the location that day.

Slengpung, 24th Jul 13

More northern lights!

Another big set of pictures from Nordlicht 2013 has been donated by moqui, thanks!

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Demodays 2013, 23rd Jul 13

Compo Hardware

Finally we can present you our competition PC setup. Read more about it on our competition page. As always, you can bring your own hardware if what we provide doesn't fit your needs. Our main competition PC will be a i7 Quad Core with 3.5Ghz, 32GB RAM and a NVidia GeForce GTX780 with 3GB RAM. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions about the hardware and competitions.

Slengpung, 23rd Jul 13

Nordlicht has happened

Two massive sets of pictures from Nordlicht 2013 have been provided by Bombe and Widdy, thanks!

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Evoke 2013, 23rd Jul 13

Alkama to play at Evoke

Another musician can now be announced - it's good old Alkama from France who will give you some techhouse beats on Friday night! More info here. And we're still not done with the musicians, there are more to come! Keep your eyes open.

Slengpung, 22nd Jul 13

More Solskogen 2013

Some more pictures from surprisingly entertaining Solskogen 2013, as provided by b0n

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Slengpung, 15th Jul 13

Solskogen 2013

The first photos of this weekend's massive Norwegian party are in.

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Evoke 2013, 13th Jul 13

Seminars: Friedrich Kirschner on realtime in a theatre context

The second seminar on Evoke Saturday will be held by filmmaker, visual artist and software developer Friedrich Kirschner.

In his talk he will discuss how realtime animation can work in a theatre context. And how to provide tools for actors and directors that go beyond pretty stage-visuals, but actually impact the way we tell stories using live computer graphics.

Demodays 2013, 11th Jul 13


Do you need a ride to the Demodays? Do you have a spare seat in your car when driving to the Demodays? Offer and search on our fast-made ride-share page. Ride-sharing is good!

Demodays 2013, 8th Jul 13

REUNION at Demodays

The bi-annual Swiss C64 party SWISS PIRATES REUNION is not taking place in 2013. The organizers of REUNION will, however, come to Demodays 2013 and recently invited all REUNION visitors to be at Demodays 2013 too. Dr. Science writes: "Wir würden uns freuen, wenn möglichst viele C64 Szene-Freaks auftauchen würden um mit uns zu feiern und mit einem kühlen Bier auf die gute, alte Zeit anzustossen :-)". We'll have special C64 features like the traditional Demoshow to welcome the REUNION regulars at our event. Welcome, REUNION!

Evoke 2013, 8th Jul 13

Seminars: Steffen Kaus on Amiga demo style GFX without coding

Beneath all the compos, live acts, barbeque and meeting friends we also provide you with some interesting seminars at Evoke:

First confirmed seminar is by Steffen Kaus who is going to show his approach to reverse engineer an amiga bootblock demo by using the film-compositing software Nuke. Nuke can be called first-choice in the VFX industry today.

The seminar will happen Saturday at 13:00. More seminars will be annouced shortly.

Evoke 2013, 5th Jul 13

Fixed Palette Compo

We finally published the pixel palette for the Fixed Palette Pixel Competition!
We replaced the old Pixel Compo with a new one, where you have to use a given Palette of colors. You can even attend this Competition from remote! Read all updated rules at the Graphic Compo Rules Page

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