News in September 2013

Slengpung, 24th Sep 13

More @party

A few more pictures from @party 2013 have been added, thanks to alfred!

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Demodays 2013, 19th Sep 13

Demodays 2013 OHP Prods

We have finally managed to edit and upload the captures OHP productions! Enjoy Intromezzo by .cortex. (Winner) and Ober Hammer Party by Die drei von der Bünzli (Second Place). Also, here's the Surprise compo entry from T$ & Saga Musix. The video will also be available on

Slengpung, 15th Sep 13

Sundown 2013

Deltafire provided us with pictures from UK's finest, Sundown 2013!

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Demodays 2013, 10th Sep 13

Demodays 2014

Guess what? Demodays are back in 2014! Block your calendar right now for the next Swiss demoscene event: 22/23/24 August 2014 in Olten/Switzerland. As usual, more information will be available once the year has switched over to 2014. Thanks for keeping up with us!

Slengpung, 10th Sep 13

Pictures from your favourite US party.

Inspired Chaos has provided us with pictures from @party 2013, which happened in June.

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Slengpung, 3rd Sep 13

More demodays!

Vickey provided us with more pictures from Demodays / Buenzli, thanks!

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