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Slengpung, 30th Apr 14

Even more Revision

Another set of Revision pictures has been added. Thanks, bacter!

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Assembly Summer 2014, 29th Apr 14


Assembly Summer 2014 is coming! Winter '14 went well, and we'll be continuing our collaboration with Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre (Messukeskus)! The dates are Thursday 31st of July to Sunday 3rd of August.

We will be opening the website for the Summer event soon and ticket sales will begin shortly thereafter. Ticket prices are the same as last year, expecting 74-84 euros per computer seat and 44 euros for normal weekend ticket.

While the details are still being worked out, we can promise you that moving to Messukeskus will allow us to make ASSEMBLY Summer even bigger and better than last year.

We will announce the ticket sales separately. Meanwhile, you can start collecting groups together so that you can secure the computer places in time.

See you at Assembly!

by ζχψωβ //
Slengpung, 28th Apr 14

Megalactic pictures

Three more massive picture sets from last weekend's megalactic demoscene event have been donated by IndustrialPope, SilverLance and v3nom. Go check them out!

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Slengpung, 26th Apr 14


Some more photos from the Megalactic Demoscene Spacecup by TMA/AbyssConnection and myself.

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Slengpung, 26th Apr 14

More is More!

b0n provided more fun-filled, actionpacked and liquidconsumed pics from Revision 2014!

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Slengpung, 25th Apr 14

Revision 3

Do you already miss Revision? We surely do, and that's why we add even more pictures by Nightmare and ted to relive the last weekend!

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Slengpung, 23rd Apr 14

It's time to revise!

The first batches of pictures from Revision 2014 have been added! Go check out the great pictures by Argasek, Terrasque, skypers and yours truly.

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Slengpung, 23rd Apr 14

Revision and TRSAC

More awesome pictures from last weekend's edition of Revision by Deltafire have been added. IndustrialPope also provided us with a nice set from TRSAC 2013, thanks!

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Euskal Encounter 22, 22nd Apr 14

Official BBS

This is the official BBS for the party.

by ζχψωβ //
Euskal Encounter 22, 22nd Apr 14

Preinscription opens on the 28th of April

The preinscription process of Euskal Encounter will open on the 28th of April. During the preinscription process you'll be able to input any personal data and arrange your group but you'll not be able to reserve tickets yet. Inscriptions themselves (and thus ticket reservations) will start at 10am (CEST so 8 am UCT) on the 8th of May. Then you will be able to make a reservation and the payment for the tickets of your group once it is confirmed. Of course, once inscription is open you can still input your personal data and manage your groups but you risk having less chances of getting a ticket. For more info on the procedures for reservation just follow the link.

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Demodays 2014, 19th Apr 14

Welcome to the Demodays 2014

The story goes on and we're very happy to announce the Demodays 2014! We'll meet in Olten on the 22/23/24 August 2014 for another round of what you love about the Demodays. We are still in progress of revamping the website and update content - please be patient. You can, however, already register right away.

Slengpung, 6th Apr 14

NVScene 2014

Let's open this year: pictures from NVScene 2014!

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