News in June 2014

Demodays 2014, 29th Jun 14

Reunion vs. Demodays, Round #2

Pushed by last year's success of the Reunion meeting at the Demodays, we want to do it again! Not meant as a replacement for the REUNION, but as a great opportunity to meet your fellow C64 sceners: The Demodays 2014 is the place to be in August. C64 entries are allowed in all our competitions, a C64 demoshow will be scheduled and last but not least, Robocop/Atlantis and Unlock/Padua will be your C64 hosts. See you there - for another round of Swiss C64 power!

Evoke 2014, 29th Jun 14

Competition rules online

After – by accident – last year´s competition rules have been online for a day or two we now have put the 2014 edition online.

Complete, with the palette for the Pixel Graphics Competition as well as the sample for One-Sample Tracked Music competition. Just the specs for the compo machine are pending.

Please, get in touch with us for whatever questions you might have.

Slengpung, 24th Jun 14

Kindergarden 2013

The slowest moving substance known to man, tFt, has provided us with more pictures from the merry Kindergarden 2013

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Slengpung, 23rd Jun 14

@party 2014

Photos from @party 2014 by Luis and IC!

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Evoke 2014, 17th Jun 14

Enjoy this website as much as we do

Just two months ahead of Evoke 2014 we finally unveil this year's webpage!

As you might remember from the last years: the information at the moment is quite sparse, but more stuff will be added shortly. Make sure you register, so your friends and groupmates know you are coming.

Within the next few days and weeks we will add more information on compos (especially rules & sample for the One-Sample Tracked Music Compo and the palatte for the Pixel Graphics Compo) as well as events and seminars. Stay tuned!

Slengpung, 11th Jun 14

Jaaaah, more pictures!

Another nice set of nice pictures from Outline 2014, courtesy of IndustrialPope, has been added!

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Slengpung, 4th Jun 14

Colourful Outlines

A ton of pictures from last weekend's Dutch demoparty, Outline 2014 have been added. Pics by me, T$ and Phaazon!

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