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Slengpung, 31st Jul 14

Northern lights have arrived

The first batches of pics from Nordlicht 2014 have arrived, by Jasmin68k, Ford Prefect and yours truly.

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Evoke 2014, 30th Jul 14

Dissecting Odyssey & Hardwired by Fasih Sayin

Fasih Sayin from Crytek Istanbul will be looking at the classic Crionics and Silents demo and compare it to Alcatraz´ work from a professional story telling point of view.

Be there in our seminar area on Saturday at 19:00. Read more about it on our event page.

Evoke 2014, 28th Jul 14

Seminar on the Cultural Commons Collecting Society

We have invited Wolfgang & m.eik to discuss the Cultural Commons Collecting Society (C3S SCE) with you: they will give you an insight on what this next generation collecting society is, answer your most burning questions & discuss your wildest ideas! 

Be part of it on Saturday at 13:00 and read more about their seminar on the events page.

Demodays 2014, 27th Jul 14

Competition rules

It took a while: the competition rules have been finalized and published. There's not much change compared to the last year's rules, so you're good to go with that production you didn't finish for the Demodays 2013! Please also have a look at the information block about Remote entries. In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Evoke 2014, 25th Jul 14

PrEvoke is happening – in a new location

Arriving at Evoke early? Already on Thursday? Looking forward to have a beer with other sceners and even some of the Evoke organizers? Then join on – for the third time – at prevoke: the unofficial pre party!

This year the pre party is happening at a new location: the hackerspace by Chaos Computer Club Cologne (C4) in Ehrenfeld. And its is just some tram stops away from AbenteuerhallenKalk.

Just take a look at the official homepage and see you there! Thanks to Topy for organizing!

Demodays 2014, 23rd Jul 14

The Combined Ticket

In 2003 Evoke and Buenzli (now Demodays) were proud to be the first parties to bring you a combined ticket for both events! Eleven years later we still stick to this tradition. Since Demodays takes place just two weeks after Evoke we once again decided to make it easy for you to visit both of those great parties. Get the ticket by asking for it at the Evoke entrance desk! The ticket will be cheaper than the sum of the single tickets.

Evoke 2014, 23rd Jul 14

BLEEPSTREET Labelnight - The Lineup!

So, finally we can share with you the amazing lineup for Friday's musical action! BLEEPSTREET will rock Evoke's first night with five of their finest musicians. REMUTE (DE), HENRY HOMESWEET (UK), JE DEVIENS DJ EN 3 JOURS (FR), COMPUTADORA (DE) and TRIPPY-H (CL) will get your feet moving. See our events page for more info. Also, there's a facebook event for social media freaks. Keep your eyes open for more musical announcements in the next days! 

Demodays 2014, 22nd Jul 14

Helping Hands

The team behind the Demodays has been shrinking a little bit since last year and now we are looking for additional helping hands! Could you imagine to help building up the party place, to run the party or to tear things down on the last day? Or even all of these? Please read on.

Evoke 2014, 21st Jul 14

Younger than 18

If you are younger than 18 and consider to visit Evoke, then please note that we highly appreciate that, but because of legal issues, we can not let you into the party place without a declaration of consent filled out by your parents. Please get in touch with us and we'll provide you with the necessary info.

Evoke 2014, 18th Jul 14

Combined Ticket

In 2003 Buenzli and Evoke were proud to be the first parties to bring you a combined ticket for both events! Eleven years later we still stick to this tradition. Since Buenzli or Demodays - as it is called these days -  takes place just two weeks after Evoke we once again decided to make it easy for you to visit both of those great parties. If you plan to visit Evoke aswell as Buenzli, then you should ask for the combined ticket at the Evoke infodesk. The ticket will be cheaper than the sum of the single tickets. 

Just stay in cologne after Evoke and enjoy events like GDC Europe, Respawn - gathering of game developers or Gamescom before you travel on to switzerland to conclude your more than two weeks of non-stop partying!

Demodays 2014, 17th Jul 14

The Textmode Demoshow

The Demodays 2014 will feature a text mode demoshow on Friday evening: Moerder/Vantage hand-selected one full hour of the best and most innovative text mode demos from the past few years. Take this demoshow as a tribute to everybody creating text mode demos and to the annual TMDC.

Evoke 2014, 16th Jul 14

Jerobeam Fenderson

While the BLEEPSTREET line-up is still in the making, we are proud to announce another exciting live act: Jerobeam Fenderson from Graz (Austria). Jerobeam Fenderson visualizes electronic sounds and noise patterns with an analogue oscilloscope. In an attempt to get the closest possible correlation of image and sound, these compositions are not only designed for their aural components, but also take into account their shape, as the oscilloscope shows an exact representation of the physical waveforms. For more info and sounds, see our events page.

Slengpung, 14th Jul 14

Sunny days at Sundown

We got a nice set of pictures from Sundown 2014, thanks to Deltafire!

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Demodays 2014, 11th Jul 14

Demodays 2014 Warm-Up

As a warm up for Demodays 2014, we'll be at the art gallery Talwegeins in Bern on the 18th of July 2014, starting at 17.00h. Join us there for the "8-bit-evening" with games, demos and certainly some beers. More info and how to find the place can be found on

Evoke 2014, 11th Jul 14


BLEEPSTREET Records, the label that gave you Computadora (Evoke 2013) and DJ Storno (Evoke 2010 + 2011), have something very special planned for this year's Evoke. For the whole Friday night, they will have the outdoor area for themselves to bang your ears and move your feet with chip tech vibes! Several international BLEEPSTREET artists are going to give their best - keep your eyes open for the line-up to be announced next week! 

Evoke 2014, 10th Jul 14

Old Evoke Guestbooks

Remember the times when you registered for a demoparty not on the net beforehand, but at the spot on a piece of paper? We have digitised Evoke's old guestbooks from 1999, 2003 and 2012, so you can have a look at the funny doodles and adventurous handles. We hope to see you signing up this year too!

Demodays 2014, 6th Jul 14

Ticket Sales are Open!

As of today, the ticket pre-sale for Demodays 2014 has started and at the same time we can proudly announce that there is no change of the entrance fees (same price since 5 years). Read more about our ticket pre-sales. Note: Prepaying a ticket is not mandatory.

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