News in June 2015

Evoke 2015, 28th Jun 15

Prevoke is happening

The unofficial preparty Prevoke is happening in 2015 again!

Just like the last years those of you who arrive on Thursday already can gather at the Chaos Computer Club hacker space in Ehrenfeld to chat and have a beer. There is even an option to sleep there.

Take a look at the Prevoke website for details! And thanks to Topy for organizing!

Slengpung, 27th Jun 15

Nordlicht 2015

The first pictures from Nordlicht 2015 by TMA

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Evoke 2015, 16th Jun 15

Entrance fee changes

The amount of 35 Euro remains (and has not changed since 2009!) and is effective for all visitors. For whatever sex, that is.

There are rebates for long distance travellers and youngsters (details to follow).

In addition we would like to encourage you to back Evoke by buying a supporter ticket.

Please, see the entrance fee section for details.

Evoke 2015, 12th Jun 15

The 2015 website is live

The party is approaching and finally it is about time to raise the curtain for 2015´s website!

We will need a little bit more time to add all the information you are so eagerly waiting for. But in the meantime register, so that your friends and group mates know you are coming!

Stay tuned!

Slengpung, 11th Jun 15

Very Important Pictures

Den provided us with some pictures from VIP 2015, thanks a lot!

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Slengpung, 1st Jun 15


Even more pictures from demoscene's family meeting Outline 2015 by v3nom and IndustrialPope have been added, starting on page 10.

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