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Slengpung, 9th Jul 19

German Amiga Meetings 1998-1999

Here is another update with photos from two German Amiga scene meetings: Cologne Conference 1998 (provided by Ghandy) and Acid Slam Meeting 1999 in Hamburg (provided by Sunbeam and Digiman). None of them can remember anymore who shot the pictures (in both cases, it must have been someone from the circle of the organisers), so if you are the original photographer, please get in touch and we will add your credits!

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Slengpung, 7th Jul 19

Gubbdata 2019 photos

We are very happy to present a set of pictures from Gubbdata 2019, a cozy C64 party in Sweden. The photos are done by Pad/G*P who is a professional photographer (, and they are real eye-catchers. Enjoy!

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