News in March 2020

Outline 2020, 24th Mar 20

Outline cancelled

Earlier tonight the government of the Netherlands announced that, as a countermeasure against the spread of the Covid-19 virus, all gatherings of more than two people (except marriages and funerals) are explicitly forbidden and punishable by law until at least June 1st of 2020. Unfortunately this means we have no other options than to cancel or postpone Outline 2020. If you have already booked your travel and/or accomodations we recommend you to cancel those bookings if still possible. We will be looking to reschedule the party some time in the fall or winter of this calendar year, further information about a potential new date will be announced as soon as the ban on gatherings is lifted.

Birdie Online 30, 13th Mar 20

Birdie 30 cancelled

Due to the government's decision that events over 500 participants may not be carried out because of COVID-19, Birdie's project group with the support of Birdie's board has chosen to suspend Birdie 30 at IFU-Arena.
Birdie's project team is now investigating the possibility of being able to complete Birdie 30 completely online with e-sport tournaments, demoscene competitions and shows, funtours, lectures and workshops and much more.
More information is coming soon.

The Gathering 2020, 11th Mar 20

The Gathering cancelled

Due to corona virus the organizers of The Gathering were forced to cancel the event this year:
Now we are doing what we are best at - using our creative and technological skills, and moving The Gathering 20 to the internet. Now, as part of our large family, you can join in celebrating with us under the hashtag tg20online.
More details on their website will follow.

Revision 2020, 11th Mar 20

Revision cancelled

In regard to the Covid-19 outbreak, the party has been cancelled. Organisers may not be able to hold Revision in the form. Therefore they decided to hold a livestream-only event as a replacement. Organisers are working to provide some events - competitions, seminars, music acts and special events. The stream will most likely start on Good Friday and end on Easter Monday, just like you’re used to from Revision. You can submit entries and vote just as if you were at the party – from the comfort of your home.

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