News in April 2020

Gubbdata 2020, 29th Apr 20

Moving online...

OK. SORRY GUBBS! GUBBDATA 2020 WILL BE AN ONLINE EVENT ONLY THIS YEAR! I regret to inform you all that we can't take the risks having the party as usual due to the Corona outbreak, recent law changes in Sweden, the Swedish government's recommendations, and also the policies of the School where the party is held, but don't be too sad: The School has a professional pod-studio, and all compos and all events will be shown and discussed. Stream will be available on Twitch and hopefully even Scenesat. Main hosts will be hedning/GP and Phreedh/HmF, and special guests will run demo shows, interviews, compos and more! All compos and shows will be run on real hardware, and streamed through our RetroTink and HDMI, and multiple cameras will capture both the smaller BBQ and the reactions of the people being invited as special guests.

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Birdie Online 30, 28th Apr 20

Birdie goes online

Every year, thousands of gamers, sceners and LANers come to Uppsala to take part in the classic Birdie festival, but this year's event will be online due to Covid-19. Almost everything we did on site in the IFU Arena we will be able to implement online. During festival days, Birdie 30 will broadcast live and pre-recorded material from ESEN eSports TV studio. E-sport tournaments with finals, the demo scene with fantastic digital creations, funtours on the night, music, film screening together with Uppsala short film festival, photo competition with Uppsala photo festival, playing with the Salon Orchestra and much more. The goal is to create a nice Birdie feel for all gamers who are isolated at home. This year's Birdie will be available to everyone and costs nothing to share!

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Flashback 2020, 21st Apr 20

Flashback cancelled

We regret that FLASHBACK 2020 held 6th & 7th June has been CANCELLED due to obvious reasons. We had considered hosting an online only event as we have successfully presented an entertaining stream and strong remote entry compo in the past however we are currently left in a situation with a lack of committed and confirmed resources in several key areas to continue. We instead will focus our time on productions for the future. If the situation changes we will reconsider hosting the event on a later date :(

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14th Apr 20

Submit news on a party: Bug fixed

The possibility to submit news on a party (which would have been quite handy during the current situation) was broken for some time but was finally fixed.
Please, submit updates on (your) party so everybody can follow the status of the events!
You can find it using the small icons on the bottom of the party page.

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Evoke 2020, 14th Apr 20

Message of the organizers


at this time of the year, we announce that everything will be happening "in Kalk", "in August" and "as usual". Nothing much is "as usual" currently and hence we need to wait. It is currently unforeseeable wether we will be allowed to hold Evoke 2020, which is why we have halted the effort to organize the party for this year.

Talking to the team, we came to the conclusion that neither going online nor finding a later date in 2020 is an option to us. We decided to wait with a final decision on this matter until "end of May". By that time we make an announcement that will reflect the situation sensibly.

We hope that this timeline somehow suits you and - even more so - hope to make Evoke 2020 happen, having one of the best weekends of the year with you! Always keep in mind: "Good things come to those who wait".

Stay safe and healthy!

The Evoke Organizing Team

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Retronizacja party 2020, 14th Apr 20

RETROnizacja postponed

I waited a long time with this post ...
Unfortunately, for reasons beyond our control, we are forced to move the event to a different date. What? It remains to be seen ... how the situation will calm down. I recommend following the profile on FB and website !!!

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Multimatograf 2020, 14th Apr 20

Multimatograf canceled

According to the website the event has been postponed indefinitely.

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Slengpung, 13th Apr 20

Remotevision? We still have pictures...

So, as you are probably aware by now, Revision 2020 was a pure online event. But that does not keep us from adding pictures to Slengpung - Poo-Brain delivered the marvellous Sofa World game in which you could experience the demoparty and meet your fellow sceners. So enjoy some screenshots from that!

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