16.54 sunday             


   PC accelerated demo

1. 3323pt.  Virhe by Mature Furk  
2. 2567pt.  Traumatique by Trauma  
3. 1837pt.  do zen by komplex  
4. 1262pt.  K?ytt?kuksa by tAAt  
5.  958pt.  Evolution by Amuq Creations  
6.  503pt.  Edison by TsT  
7.  475pt.  Error inside by fat chili team  
8.    0pt.  by p  
9.    0pt.  codename chinadoll by  
10.   0pt.  Platipus by Incognita  
11.   0pt.  T-bluffer by Jogi/Mellow Chips  

PC non accelerated demo

1. 1814pt.  Gasoline by recreation  
2. 1727pt.  Cod Liver Oil by Damones  
3. 1348pt.  Euphoria by Pyrotech  
4. 1221pt.  pyy by kooma & doomsday & pyy  
5.  901pt.  Deepnes - Delphium 2 by Essex...  
6.  894pt.  transcendental by aurum  
7.  838pt.  Viping by NoID  
8.  711pt.  Idle by Addiction  
9.  626pt.  Anataus 6 by Fit  
10. 617pt.  Life by The Moose Brothers  
11. 596pt.  The Message by Php  
12.   0pt.  Too Cute by CAF  
13.   0pt.  5g by bC!  
14.   0pt.  Ter?stiikeri by SFa  
15.   0pt.  Black by Lahko  
16.   0pt.  Day on a lonely Island by HeadcrasH  
17.   0pt.  Jodex by Techi / Bad Karma  
18.   0pt.  systemize by embrance  
19.   0pt.  Roger That - The Purple Years by Roger Fans  
20.   0pt.  Migraine by SoCS  
21.   0pt.  Viva la Lamb by Duplo  
22.   0pt.  Circulation by Mystic Etanat  

PC 64k intro

1. 4477pt.  Viagra by Mewlers  
2. 2801pt.  Flekk by Nah-kolor  
3. 2600pt.  3x3 by Reality Benders  
4. 2243pt.  Puheaika by Dazed Productions  
5.    0pt.  N.K.S by tAAt  
6.    0pt.  Deadline by DSF  
7.    0pt.  puppu by caf  

PC 4k intro

1. 3892pt.  matriisi by mooze  
2. 2651pt.  Orinoco by Digimind  
3. 1104pt.  Rasia by yobi  
4.  957pt.  Radiant by Juippi/Tempo & Dazed prod.  
5.  875pt.  Fileid.diz by the Lost Spaceman of Refinition  
6.  796pt.  Pastel 4kb by vdg / Damage  
7.  766pt.  The Answer by hiteck  
8.  757pt.  Nature by Itchi / THP  
9.  456pt.  Wand of Wishing by SounDemoN  
10. 367pt.  Save World by Juce  
11. 361pt.  Invalider by Dodge / Mystic Etanat  
12. 358pt.  Phygo by Viznut/pwp  
13.   0pt.  fire my beauty by Nyt lent?? laatta  

Amiga demo

1. 2364pt.  Beats by Loveboat  
2. 2187pt.  Klone by Dual crew shining  
3. 1819pt.  Megademo by Mystic  
4. 1358pt.  Donut fetish by Yoman3  

Amiga 64k intro

1. 3012pt.  ?l? ota sit? vakavasti by da jormas!  
2. 2666pt.  Push by Extreme  
3. 2232pt.  Sparkling blue light by Spaceballs  
4. 2030pt.  Pulsar by Scoopex  
5. 1709pt.  Kangooroa or something by bus  
6.  386pt.  HC-DC10 by Spedes  
7.  323pt.  wx-co123 by replay  
8.  292pt.  G4 by - Rock  
9.    0pt.  Computers by Computerlovers  
10.   0pt.  Lost ?98 by Extend  

Amiga 4k intro

1. 4439pt.  Gap by Extreme  
2. 3292pt.  Pukamat by Tundrah  
3. 2127pt.  land by sabaoth  
4. 1734pt.  Etic by Digital  

C64 demo

1. 6299pt.  speedway 3 by panic!  
2. 4073pt.  J.A.Q. by Scallop  
3. 2162pt.  woznak?s jazz experience by visac  
4. 1979pt.  Beertime by Dekadence  
5.  989pt.  OLD SKOOL by BioProduction  
6.    0pt.  Possu by Kommander Mausemann / Juhannus 99 Org  

C64 graphics

1. 6483pt.  I cant play by Agemixer  
2. 5323pt.  kuva by deetsay / panic  
3. 2742pt.  Lost children by Brite-Lite  
4. 2472pt.  Please Hurt Me by Statik  
5.    0pt.  testfest by Da Root!  

C64 music

1. 4345pt.  Starfall by Brite-Lite  
2. 2557pt.  Desert queen by Agemixer  
3. 2457pt.  Jari Tyyli theme by codehead  
4. 1787pt.  Martinology by !Cube  
5. 1730pt.  The Theme by Flex  
6. 1371pt.  music by deetsay / panic!  
7. 1163pt.  Jensomania by amj  

Multichannel music

1. 2361pt.  Monument by Nobody  
2. 1281pt.  second time by Quasian  
3.  952pt.  Route through Baghdad by gspot/bandwagon/recreation  
4.  881pt.  jazzy high by hooligan/dcs  
5.  855pt.  smal red grapes by xhale  
6.  821pt.  Mellon Moon by Jean Nine  
7.  816pt.  Banana Color by Ylikulju  
8.  792pt.  x.15periments by rain  
9.  727pt.  106 Miles by goldcrest  
10. 542pt.  Berylux tones by Jcole  
11.   0pt.  Deasm by N.r.t.H./HeadcrasH  
12.   0pt.  Hovering Above Scrapheap by S.Louhela  
13.   0pt.  map cruising by m27  
14.   0pt.  Recklessly by v2k  
15.   0pt.  World of Machines by HEXAGON/Gender8  
16.   0pt.  Neural Psychosis by KENSHI  
17.   0pt.  At the edge of Bass by JJR  
18.   0pt.  White? Thing by XLR8R  
19.   0pt.  Blue Aura - ASM99 edit by nOOKIE  
20.   0pt.  Caravan by nOte / MdS  
21.   0pt.  I Have Children by Causea  
22.   0pt.  Take me away to Nova by Carcall  
23.   0pt.  Titnod by Daze / Nah-kolor  
24.   0pt.  Going Nowhere by Gambler  
25.   0pt.  My Angel by Jaakko Salonen  
26.   0pt.  Maahiskorvat by Larga/PuavoHard  
27.   0pt.  Into the Shaft by Mad Axel  
28.   0pt.  Apple song by PapaQue  
29.   0pt.  The Last Of The Hive by Razoredge  
30.   0pt.  Kick by Tawan  
31.   0pt.  Sky by Tarantula  
32.   0pt.  Bass is our place by Vapor  
33.   0pt.  Your Dream by Zames  
34.   0pt.  Swords Of Valour by dark nor$u  
35.   0pt.  Golden Loops by gamma/essex  
36.   0pt.  halt!- Polizei by jani gr?nman  
37.   0pt.  My Vision by maZe / Samuli Melanko  
38.   0pt.  Women in black by marq/propulsion&repulse  
39.   0pt.  Spellcast by Obeliq  
40.   0pt.  Pitch-Black by Acumen  
41.   0pt.  tilatiedett? by ncase  
42.   0pt.  Psychedelic Groove by odex / cycla  
43.   0pt.  Systematic by Betelgeuze  
44.   0pt.  Matrix by Demeted  
45.   0pt.  Strange.... by Genie  
46.   0pt.  Humanity by Heathen  
47.   0pt.  Kaivats? verta nen?st? by Jericho  
48.   0pt.  Rantarokissa by Leach  
49.   0pt.  FZ-Crew by Me  
50.   0pt.  Dimension-X by RedI  
51.   0pt.  Caribian Blend by Repe  
52.   0pt.  Lost dreams by Reaby  
53.   0pt.  Call 911 by Vexe  
54.   0pt.  Give Me My Hub by Xenon  
55.   0pt.  Motions by Zealan  
56.   0pt.  enanna by beathawk  
57.   0pt.  Pyrolitium by Effect  
58.   0pt.  Angel by Chris / Styrox  
59.   0pt.  Alienizien by Phace  
60.   0pt.  Everything Changes by Shamus
61.   0pt.  Life Is Just A Game by ThUmB  
62.   0pt.  Total Destruction by The Rippers  
63.   0pt.  Mean by Whyking  
64.   0pt.  Meaningless by Whyking  
65.   0pt.  a beer called karhu by chavez  
66.   0pt.  Kingdom lost by whk  
67.   0pt.  Eveolution by Dixan  
68.   0pt.  Cry of agony by Dizmal  
69.   0pt.  Space Travellin by Digital/Phobos  
70.   0pt.  In too deep by Linearic  
71.   0pt.  Kesapaiv?n askareet by Tix  
72.   0pt.  Compressed travels from the lands of the CDR and 
            other places too hard to imagin by Tiger / Istar  
73.   0pt.  a south pacific by discreet  
74.   0pt.  huuhaa by pinkkis  
75.   0pt.  d operca by timber  
76.   0pt.  kuume by DjJabbA  
77.   0pt.  Trancendental (Assembly Edit) by Dj Dreamscape  
78.   0pt.  Body Slammer by djOzzo  
79.   0pt.  ZOMBIETRANCECULTBEAT2001 by dj. extacy flashback  
80.   0pt.  karma by skeema  
81.   0pt.  Funkyard by Clv  
82.   0pt.  Stars by Elukka  
83.   0pt.  Bubblin? Loops by Player One  
84.   0pt.  Gone tripping by Amon  
85.   0pt.  Gadfly by Impulse  
86.   0pt.  Tero tappaa teletappeja by hne  
87.   0pt.  Natural Born Angel by Coralli / Phobos  
88.   0pt.  Highest Enlightement by Golem  
89.   0pt.  Kill all audio by Kouvero  
90.   0pt.  Orchestrasm by Roz  
91.   0pt.  Modern Times by Rondo  
92.   0pt.  Summer Summer by Solarwind  
93.   0pt.  In Memoriam by Wode  
94.   0pt.  puhurintie by jobe  
95.   0pt.  No Change by polestar  
96.   0pt.  Xenith Love by tonic  
97.   0pt.  The Time by Space  
98.   0pt.  - 16 Vee - by Spacey  
99.   0pt.  Night without you by Spender  
100.  0pt.  Vivienne by Sprii & Kenny Beltrey  
101.  0pt.  Underwater Chihuahua by spiikki  
102.  0pt.  Ethnopoppithronic by Ari [ArtZ] Pulkkinen  
103.  0pt.  Grazhness by Grazh  
104.  0pt.  Scratch by Mr sebaot  
105.  0pt.  Unknown by Prophecy  
106.  0pt.  Sunset For Me by Project AX  
107.  0pt.  Bagpipes rise again by Tripod  
108.  0pt.  Tikka Masala by Tripper  
109.  0pt.  U.U.C. by Tra$H (Tapani Lammervo)  
110.  0pt.  welcome to ujmaima by frodo  
111.  0pt.  Marshall Agents (Obi-Wan remix) by orbiter  
112.  0pt.  Hippocs Truck by prick  
113.  0pt.  Unlight Reality by -sniper-  
114.  0pt.  Katariina by Psychedelic  
115.  0pt.  Noisemaker by Stray  
116.  0pt.  Sphere Of Light - Assembly version by BuG  
117.  0pt.  Pulzation by Dust  
118.  0pt.  Its not over by Juippi/Tempo  
119.  0pt.  Snakes by Kure  
120.  0pt.  Toilet flush by Muffler&Jazz  
121.  0pt.  Reflective by Substance  
122.  0pt.  Steps, Steps, Steps... by Turkka  
123.  0pt.  ocean of my mind by sumea  
124.  0pt.  Misty memories by extrian  
125.  0pt.  moorrr by Kyll?nen
126.  0pt.  A Mysterios Sphere by Mystic  
127.  0pt.  FareWell by sys-QC  
128.  0pt.  Basso by G?rtti  
129.  0pt.  Calp 4: Haha by p?ldk / dds  

MP3 music

1. 1799pt.  Credits by Purple Motion  
2. 1697pt.  L?tk?j?tk?t vie mun naiset by Wode  
3. 1547pt.  box by jugi  
4. 1424pt.  Improvisation #9999 by SounDemoN  
5.  963pt.  Enigmatique by Trauma Child Genesis  
6.  801pt.  threethree by Kyll?nen  
7.  663pt.  Cut The Dope by nOOKIE  
8.  659pt.  Lollipop by Limbo Duck  
9.  622pt.  Vultronic by Korgie / pCr  
10. 616pt.  Believe In Blue by Substance  
11. 581pt.  Champagne in my shoe by bash  
12. 512pt.  funki by Muffler  
13. 495pt.  valkama by wildcat  
14. 271pt.  phlatys by S.Louhela  
15.   0pt.  Garth & Monkey by K.Ylikulju  
16.   0pt.  Hovering On The Vacuum by v2k  
17.   0pt.  Gangsta & Ragga by j99Org  
18.   0pt.  Subterranean Dancing by pGh/Pelto  
19.   0pt.  Wanna be funky by DJ PoLe  
20.   0pt.  Illusion by XLR8R
21.   0pt.  Im a Fireman by Causea  
22.   0pt.  You are so adorable by Carcall  
23.   0pt.  X-Factor of Coolness by FaiRLane  
24.   0pt.  Tikutakutin by Gangsta & Ragga / j99Org  
25.   0pt.  Siki? - Astila by Jarppe  
26.   0pt.  Shock TV by Madman  
27.   0pt.  Music of Your Choice by Maestro  
28.   0pt.  Ajetaankos Resiinalla? by Matteus  
29.   0pt.  the BIG banana by PapaQue  
30.   0pt.  Luukutus of Borg by Pauli R?m?  
31.   0pt.  Pirates of the Night by Vable  
32.   0pt.  Tha Feeling by Vapor  
33.   0pt.  Zetetic Revival by Zack Fakes  
34.   0pt.  Sirius by lawb  
35.   0pt.  Doom by marq/propulsion&repulse  
36.   0pt.  Modulaatiosukka by samu  
37.   0pt.  Mee kotiis by sabaoth  
38.   0pt.  Ancient by Obeliq  
39.   0pt.  marshmellowman by Obsolete  
40.   0pt.  Satisfaction Overload by Acumen
41.   0pt.  Tykitys by Jericho  
42.   0pt.  One Weekend Harmony by Jean Nine  
43.   0pt.  On The Moov by Leach  
44.   0pt.  Rutto by Members of Mexic0  
45.   0pt.  Dimwit Brotha by Repe  
46.   0pt.  Dragon Drone by decoy  
47.   0pt.  skate or die! by pekka pou / da jormas!  
48.   0pt.  Dreams by redman  
49.   0pt.  distorted electro dreams by tekk  
50.   0pt.  Echo III by Phaser / Oval Lego  
51.   0pt.  Groom Lake Invasion by Shamus  
52.   0pt.  When Aliens Land... (ASM99 Buzz remix) by Shadow Eel  
53.   0pt.  Extreme Jungle Beats by The Rippers  
54.   0pt.  A Whole Nude World by The Fantastic Goods  
55.   0pt.  Troublemaker by The righteous minds  
56.   0pt.  kon shee by xhale  
57.   0pt.  Modern Times by Dixan  
58.   0pt.  Wonderful by Firestorm / Morel Arts  
59.   0pt.  Hot Steppin The Lounge by Little Bitchard  
60.   0pt.  Welcome To Berlin by Nino  
61.   0pt.  Flying in the Crossfire by Nitro  
62.   0pt.  Elegy Of Dying The Rainbow by Tix  
63.   0pt.  Spliphedite by Tiger\Istar  
64.   0pt.  DjJabbA-Samurai fight by DjJabbA  
65.   0pt.  Purpose Beyond Reality (Assembly Short Cut) by Dj Dreamscape  
66.   0pt.  Come and get me! by djOzzo  
67.   0pt.  Maximum by Skutah  
68.   0pt.  Canned Beat by Alfonso Black  
69.   0pt.  zero hour by Black Shadow  
70.   0pt.  Revive (dkmaudio2) by Amon  
71.   0pt.  Listen by Impulse  
72.   0pt.  Min? Olen Rankin by Antava Osapuoli  
73.   0pt.  Not Dead Destructive remix by Dodge  
74.   0pt.  God Has Awaken by Golem  
75.   0pt.  Vultronic by Korgie / pCr  
76.   0pt.  Superman by Roz  
77.   0pt.  Too Much Blood by Solarwind  
78.   0pt.  Oodi Kovalaishelle by Zoo / Dj Scuba  
79.   0pt.  Lounge Lizard by codehead  
80.   0pt.  Electro Boogie Wonderland by goldcrest
81.   0pt.  Big Brotha by romax  
82.   0pt.  telephones user Guide by soRsa  
83.   0pt.  QuickFlex by tonic  
84.   0pt.  Porijori by Spender  
85.   0pt.  Doctor Oblivion by Sprii / Level-D  
86.   0pt.  Pumping Eternity by ArCTia  
87.   0pt.  Body Rock by Prob.  
88.   0pt.  In Heaven by Project Acid Lab  
89.   0pt.  godly intentions (asm99 mix) by greed / pwp  
90.   0pt.  Astronomical vibes by orbiter  
91.   0pt.  Kirotut hiirensy?j?t by prick  
92.   0pt.  Menage by Psychedelic  
93.   0pt.  Vappumarssi by gspot/bandwagon/recreation  
94.   0pt.  Monsters On The Edge by Burn  
95.   0pt.  Slope by Curve  
96.   0pt.  Redpoint by Jugy  
97.   0pt.  MinDevil by Outrider  
98.   0pt.  Growing Memories by Turkka  
99.   0pt.  Amazing grace on the rocks! by Zulu  
100.  0pt.  quazar by aurini  
101.  0pt.  Fruits and some vegetables by tuner  
102.  0pt.  Mystique by Mystic  
103.  0pt.  Echoes in the night by Mystic Cloud / CRO^AH

Tiny music

1. 1909pt.  Parasite Blessing by Quasian  
2. 1138pt.  Space Hybrids by Zealan  
3. 1031pt.  Cochlea by Noa Nakai  
4.  996pt.  groove-a-thon by goldcrest  
5.  930pt.  tone reveal by Shake  
6.  804pt.  reflektive by xhale  
7.  779pt.  Fifty-Four by Substance  
8.  704pt.  Landscapes by Vapor  
9.  687pt.  Funkest 2 by Dixan  
10. 686pt.  real by chavez  
11. 648pt.  4MK REHEVAE NAINEN v2.0 by skeema  
12. 612pt.  A-TWINKLE by Jcole  
13. 578pt.  Garage dayz by Leach  
14. 494pt.  Rokkivuohen Poika by Nitro  
15. 401pt.  Likwit Motha by Repe  
16.   0pt.  black humour by m27  
17.   0pt.  Saturday Night Trance by JAM / Gender 8  
18.   0pt.  not very dixie by tArzAn  
19.   0pt.  Opening Words by TCI/fakiiri?  
20.   0pt.  From The Memory Behind by HEXAGON/Gender8  
21.   0pt.  Youre All Screwie by Causea  
22.   0pt.  Dwop by Carcall  
23.   0pt.  France to Russian by Jaakko Salonen  
24.   0pt.  Fly Over Misty Mountains by Manwe & Digimind  
25.   0pt.  call what by daze  
26.   0pt.  Flat eric by marq/propulsion  
27.   0pt.  Buried tales by Obeliq  
28.   0pt.  PuppetShow Invalid by Acumen  
29.   0pt.  Flazz by Beam  
30.   0pt.  Turskaa by Genie  
31.   0pt.  Tsarrrnaks Jazzie by Jean Nine  
32.   0pt.  Awakening (with hangover) by RedI  
33.   0pt.  ClimB On The Rails by Reaby  
34.   0pt.  pulkka polkka by Texas  
35.   0pt.  i will let you pou by pekka pou & t??hi / da jormas!  
36.   0pt.  Leningrad rock by retard  
37.   0pt.  Tiny Circus by Chaj  
38.   0pt.  Dreams by Chris / Styrox  
39.   0pt.  Kalan Laulu by Phaser  
40.   0pt.  Experiment B by Bitnik  
41.   0pt.  Moonshine by Dizmal  
42.   0pt.  Kickelkungen by Linearic  
43.   0pt.  Viidakon laki by Limbo Duck  
44.   0pt.  Keep Rockin by Little Bitchard  
45.   0pt.  ich bin der god auf haus by sintti  
46.   0pt.  Kyberlehm? by floppi  
47.   0pt.  Call me charlie by Amon  
48.   0pt.  mars in the solid libya by amb  
49.   0pt.  Microchip harvest song by anvilhed  
50.   0pt.  Microchip harvest song by anvilhed  
51.   0pt.  System Break-in by infinite  
52.   0pt.  Daffy Duck by Dodge  
53.   0pt.  Meteor Punishment by Golem  
54.   0pt.  Narkakoid by Kommander Mausemann / j99Org  
55.   0pt.  dj goes small by Roz  
56.   0pt.  Whiskey Fields by Roger That Jr.  
57.   0pt.  Ziizti by SounDemoN  
58.   0pt.  Ziizti by SounDemoN  
59.   0pt.  A trip to Cave by Wode  
60.   0pt.  gamma 4 by hooligan/dcs  
61.   0pt.  drawing fishbones by jobe  
62.   0pt.  Tivoli by Brite-Lite  
63.   0pt.  Phenomenon by Prophecy  
64.   0pt.  Omena by Tripper  
65.   0pt.  sausages inna bun by frodo  
66.   0pt.  the sound of kibbutz by orbiter  
67.   0pt.  Helga by prick  
68.   0pt.  Forbidden Love by Psychedelic  
69.   0pt.  Lortto by gspot/bandwagon/recreation  
70.   0pt.  A Pirate Banana by BuG  
71.   0pt.  Plasmasurface by Juippi/Tempo  
72.   0pt.  Provokeidor by Kure  
73.   0pt.  harmonia by Muffler  
74.   0pt.  Strangest Dreams by Mystic Cloud /CRO/AH  


1. 2252pt.  Grumps by jarno  
2. 1962pt.  Paradise by 720 and Bluecow  
3. 1272pt.  Drugwars by Vortex  
4. 1225pt.  Kvakzilla by fragment  
5.  764pt.  itsen?isyysp?iv? by muumiperhe  
6.  544pt.  Blue Infection by Joint Project  
7.  490pt.  Area 61 by CGI  
8.  410pt.  Nachspielzeit by Vincent Vega  
9.  396pt.  Lyijynsy?j?t by marzu  
10. 343pt.  2028AD by Data2  
11. 331pt.  Too Real by MdS  
12. 288pt.  Joulupukki vs Pakkasukko by HammerI  
13. 200pt.  Gaagel by Mage The Man  
14. 195pt.  A Bugs Love by Edward  
15. 138pt.  The Suicidal Stickman by Raynet and Squirrel  
16.   0pt.  Area 61 by CGI  
17.   0pt.  Massive Reality by Mendel  
18.   0pt.  The Persistent Lifeform by Phaser  


1. 2059pt.  Hillevi Hiiri ja Amerikan serkku by orbiter  
2. 1666pt.  DragonRun by Hoax  
3. 1652pt.  Sodan jaloissa by marzu  
4. 1383pt.  Kes?miehen Zydeemit by nich  
5. 1342pt.  Mir 2 by uncle-x  
6. 1277pt.  Wasp & Kiss by Marvel / Future Crew  
7.  853pt.  MadCats in the Cradle by Behemoth  
8.  723pt.  Hamlet by Edward  
9.  660pt.  Voyage by Xz17  
10. 658pt.  A-Bomb by Pege  
11. 528pt.  Two Orbs by Dust  
12. 434pt.  cybercosmetics by atom  
13. 336pt.  Archimedes-2 by Ember  
14. 261pt.  Restaurant by Ghost  
15. 247pt.  Space Invasion by Beam  
16. 135pt.  Underground by kulve  
17.   0pt.  Ship and Sea by Data2  
18.   0pt.  Laiturimies by Mage The Man  
19.   0pt.  Mad House by da`ahven  
20.   0pt.  The KsiiRhoo by AbsaloM  
21.   0pt.  Hamlet1 by Edward  
22.   0pt.  Hamlet2 by Edward  
23.   0pt.  Hamlet3 by Edward  
24.   0pt.  CumON by Certs  
25.   0pt.  Great Balls of KBaa by Diskis  
26.   0pt.  Stargazer by LordKraath  
27.   0pt.  mix-lab by Solid  
28.   0pt.  bears guardian by soRsa  
29.   0pt.  Bugs Life by Creator-X  
30.   0pt.  Muropaketti(tm)-orion5-auto by Grundig  
31.   0pt.  Out Of Time by Asa / Mellow Chips  
32.   0pt.  What is the boozetrix by Nultrix  
33.   0pt.  Death of the unholy by Zulu  

Pixeled graphics

1. 2893pt.  My headphones are waterproof by Shar  
2. 2831pt.  Nippon Steel by Beam  
3. 2016pt.  Green Peace by Partikle  
4. 1451pt.  Veejays by Pixel  
5.  894pt.  Fountain of Angels by Rio  
6.  882pt.  Yasha Bukan by Borderline  
7.  765pt.  man with the beer by jugi complex  
8.  727pt.  dress for sale by Inferno  
9.  716pt.  Mystic by Hoax  
10. 538pt.  Kinkyman by The H  
11. 523pt.  Hunger by Kingi  
12. 409pt.  poekie by facet lemon  
13. 404pt.  Orme by Zaac & Peskanov  
14. 321pt.  World of Bubbles by Boose  
15. 316pt.  BeastMaster by marzu  
16.   0pt.  Beach31 by KMC/EMC  
17.   0pt.  NEXTEMPIRE by KTHULU  
18.   0pt.  Mestarietsiv? n?kee yhteiskunnan vakavan rappiotilan by Kameli  
19.   0pt.  MindLeak by Mad Axel  
20.   0pt.  MindLeak by Mad Axel  
21.   0pt.  Todays world by Random  
22.   0pt.  FAKES by Zack Fakes  
23.   0pt.  slut in latex by da merlin  
24.   0pt.  Hope, Ignorance and Despair by tarzan  
25.   0pt.  No Plastic by Adam  
26.   0pt.  Blue girl by idaho  
27.   0pt.  While youre asleep... by Charon  
28.   0pt.  ASM RLZ by Nixon  
29.   0pt.  Clubtastic by kig  
30.   0pt. by flap/Capacala  
31.   0pt.  Cloud Dome by drc  
32.   0pt.  Misticism and flying balls by Attack / WIJ  
33.   0pt.  Mist by Startoucher  
34.   0pt.  mist by Startoucher  
35.   0pt.  Arlecchino by Steorra & Ex  
36.   0pt.  Ansis are back! by Outrider  
37.   0pt.  chASE by Tug  

Java demo

1. 4837pt.  I by Yodel  
2. 4583pt.  cyboman 2 by komplex  
3. 3253pt.  Lain by OtakInc  
4.    0pt.  Top Billing, Jar Jar Binks Killing by H-town  
5.    0pt.  PikaNutru by tAAt  

Wild demo

1. 4006pt.  Asminator by the mans  
2. 3860pt.  Bongfuck MCs - Uprocking Bitch by mankeli  
3. 3229pt.  Nosehelper by Pojat Naukkarisen  
4. 1989pt.  Pekka ja Kontakti by Ysk? & Nakki  
5.  954pt.  DJ Valdemar feat. Pertti Olavi Pasanen 
            by Killerloop and Ferrara of Dual Crew^Shining / phObos  
6.  439pt.  Screen 1998 by VJ Micko & VJ Uzi  
7.  342pt.  Ranko by Not Productions  
8.  292pt.  Kosto II by Sara & Kaisa  
9.  162pt.  Pihapiirin El?imi? by Luontodokumenttiprojekti  
10. 125pt.  Kolme ihmist? rannalla by The TermoNuclear League of Liberty  
11.  81pt.  Stargate by Raimo Suulasnaama  
12.   0pt.  PP2 - Retun Paluu by O.R.K.K.I.S - team  
13.   0pt.  Unusual usual day by 10Tons  
14.   0pt.  Episode IV by BDC  
15.   0pt.  Ter?stiikeri by SFA  
16.   0pt.  Dont Believe Everything You See by Lactic Acid  
17.   0pt.  Sputnik by Paska Leffa Production  
18.   0pt.  WT The Ultimate Movie by Warre-Team  
19.   0pt.  OK hits by  
20.   0pt.  James Duck and the golden warez by MdS  
21.   0pt.  Voimakkaasti kantaaottava elokuva by Team Nolife  
22.   0pt.  Tilaus by Vehke Images  
23.   0pt.  bird by pirkka videokasetti  
24.   0pt.  Veren Jumalat by Insane Bastards  
25.   0pt.  Roger Saga 2 Trailer by Roger Fans  
26.   0pt.  HIV by Sorbus & Petzcu  
27.   0pt.  Dragon Slayer VS. Slayer Dragon by Crystal Bizarre  
28.   0pt.  Geekrun by Grin  
29.   0pt.  Eerikson by Stig Holsson  
30.   0pt.  The Good, The Bad and The Clippers by Nyhj? Group  

Outdoor - Football

1. FC Webtoyou (Capt. Vesa Varimo)
2. Konehuone (Capt. Kalle Karikoski)
3. Juha-Pekka Alho group (Capt. Juha-Pekka Alho)