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27th Jul 06

Seminar updates

One new session, and three new speakers. Also, we are working to confirm a few more, and we'll update you about these shortly.

by poti //
21st Jul 06

Desert Planet LIVE

This year's Assembly also features Desert Planet's live performance. Desert Planet is a electro-pop band from Finland with chippie flavours and influences from oldschool video game music and demoscene-music.

by poti //
6th Jul 06

ARTtech 06 seminars

With over 15 sessions and renowned speakers, the ARTtech '06 seminars are back in force. Want to get a job in games? Want to learn how modern day computer graphics came about? Want to know the latest about 3D audio? Check out ARTtech seminars!

by poti //
5th Jun 06

Prizes published

Assembly 2006 competition prizes have been made public here. Please note, that we are currently rewriting the competitions pages, so there will be new refreshed information avaible to you shortly (how to submit entries, how we are voting etc).
Welcome to participate to the Assembly 2006 competitions!

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7th May 06

Compo Rules 2006 Published

The compo rules for ASSEMBLY 2006 have been published. Go find them at
The Drawn graphics themes will be announced next week. The gaming compos, participation instructions and prizes will be announced a bit later.

by poti //
28th Apr 06

Registration open

The registration to the ASSEMBLY '06 ticket sales starts Wednesday at 19:00 (Finnish time). Actual Ticket sales starts on Wednesday 10th of May at 19:00 (Finnish time)

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8th Mar 06

Website updated

The ASSEMBLY '06 website has been now updated for the most part. Dates for ticket sales have also been set. The Competitions part of the site has not yet been updated. However, no major changes are expected so you can use the ASM05 rules as a guideline for this year's competition entries also. New compo rules will appear during March.

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