Type Demoparty
Url backslash.galm.org
Date july 2007, 6th - 8th
Location Mariaberget,
Links pouet scene.org
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Credits moh
  »howdy, old databoy! the website of backslash 2007 is now launched and the dates are set to 6-8 july, 2007, so the time has come to smack your trusty old folibas onto your datamachine and travel to Cucumbertown for some real data. By data, we of course mean compos of both C64 flavour and on modern computators, all wrapped up inside a mountain, secure enough for ABB and moldy enough for kickboxing. There'll be lots of other things that you don't want to miss as well, like Fairlight's 20 years anniversary, the Axis of Evil 2007 BBQ, live gigs and more! More information can be found on the party website.«

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type price
regular 150 SEK  


3rd Jul 07

wo french gameboy chiptune musicians will play with dubmood!

that's right, there'll be two chiptune artists flying in from France to play live together with dubmood! talk about some deep data action! go go kalle 2007!

by poti //
28th Jun 07

new gig: dubmood/razor1911 + a few others

for you, fellow visitors, we do now present another kickass livegig, which will be performed by the oh so famous Dubmood of Razor1911 together with a couple of his fellows from Marseille! expressed in other words: we're bringing you one of the very few swedish demoparties with international artists performing live, so prepare for domination :-)

by poti //
28th Jun 07

important news: alcohol rules at backslash changed

two days ago, we were informed by our contact in charge of supplying us with our partyplace, Mariaberget, and he told us that alcohol can no longer be inside the mountain. thus, no bottles of beer or stronger spirits may be taken down into the mountain.
more information, especially on a compromise, on the backslash page.

by poti //
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