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3rd May 06

First Batch of Seminar Videos

The first batch of the Breakpoint 2006 seminar videos is now available for download.
The missing videos of the other seminars will follow soon.

25th Apr 06

2006-04-25 by Breakpoint Organizing

Another batch of party videos is available for download now: Video captures of the C64 Demo and 4K intro and the 96k game competitions.

And, hooray - in addition to the W:E and BASS concert videos already available, we now have the Ultrasound Concert for you!

24th Apr 06

2006-04-24 by Breakpoint Organizing

Ok, here we go with a first huge batch of Breakpoint 2006 party videos for your viewing pleasure - available for download now are video captures of the Amiga Demo and 64K intro competitions. And if you feel like getting some of BP's stage mood into your home, go get the concert videos for Welle:Erdball and BASS.

8th Apr 06

Live at Breakpoint

Welle:Erdball, Ultrasound and BASS are playing live at Breakpoint! Yeah, that's right, not only do we have last years kicking scene bands Ultrasound and BASS back to rock you, this year they will be joined by the well-known german electro pop band Welle:Erdball (who have strong roots in the C64 scene). Time for some serious dancing after a long demoparty day ;)

8th Apr 06

Shuttle bus

The Breakpoint 2006 Shuttle Bus Service page including a map and a timetable finally is online. Just in case you didn't know it yet: Breakpoint 2006 again is featuring a free shuttle bus connecting the party location, the inner city, all hotels, a supermarket and other points of interest. Busses are going from 09:00 in the morning until 04:00 in the night, non-stop every 30 minutes.

3rd Apr 06

Visitors Questions & Answers

For visitors who've never visited Breakpoint (or another demoparty) before, we've now gathered a bunch of First-time Visitors Questions & Answers. Now you know.

31st Mar 06

Several Updates

Several updates of note. I'll just go through them in order:

  • The seminars page has been updated with a list of speakers we have this year (not yet complete, there'll be some slight changes in the next few days).
  • There will be an unofficial ASCII/ANSI compo this year, organized by Sir Garbagetruck. For your convenience, the compo rules are available here, on the misc compos page.
  • A near-final version of the time table is now available in case you're interested.
  • We finally have the compo PC specs, check out the PC compo page for details.

17th Mar 06


Just a quick reminder: If you haven't done so yet, please register as a visitor for Breakpoint 2006. Doing so will help us plan the needed amounts of tables/chairs/lots of others things. Thank you!

16th Mar 06

Official Invitation Demo

Finally it's there: Go grab the offical Breakpoint 2006 Invitation Demo, explaining Part 1 of this years 'Rumble in the Jungle' story (to be continued during the opening ceremony). Download the Invitation. Minimum PC specs are: 800MHz P3/Duron, Pixelshader 1.1 compatible graphics card (GeForce3,Radeon8500 or better) - or download the video version (XVID AVI, 98MB).

14th Mar 06

Airport shuttle services

We are going to provide bus shuttle services from/to Breakpoint for both the Hahn and Frankfurt/Main airports this year. Busses will be made available for all times where at least 10 sceners arrive at one of the airports. To use this, you will have to register at our shuttle registration page which will go live on Thursday (March 16th).

14th Mar 06

140 cheap beds booked

Wow, that really was a rush - just 4 hours after the launch of our Breakpoint Hotel Reservation System next to all cheap hotel rooms now are gone - over 140 beds got booked. We'll add more hotel rooms today (Tuesday) afternoon.

12th Mar 06

Hotel Reservation System

After finally getting some missing hotel info, the Breakpoint Hotel Reservation System will go online Monday, 13th, at 20:00 GMT+1.

12th Mar 06

Amiga Compo Machine

We have an Amiga compo machine, so the final compo machine specs are available on the Amiga competitions page. Unlike the last few years, where our Amiga compo machine was a bit unstable to say the least, we won't record Demos from another Amiga if they don't run on the compo machine, so read this carefully if you plan on releasing a demo.

10th Mar 06

C64 invitation intro

A C64 invitation intro to Breakpoint 2006, done by Bitbreaker, DCMP, JSL, Widdy, Fieserwolf and Franky, has just been released. Go grab the D64 file!. Discussion thread about the invitro is available at And as we get asked this a lot: The official Breakpoint 2006 PC Invitation Demo, which will tell Part 1 of the Breakpoint 2006 "Rumble in the jungle" story is going to be released real soon now - within the next 2-3 days, so stay tuned!

2nd Mar 06 awards: The nominations are out!

The jury has done it's job and the nominations for each of the 11 categories are now released. Please note our new addition - the crispy oldschool category for all you 8-bit lovers! Full list of nominations can be found over here.

by poti //
28th Feb 06

A few pre-party schedule updates

The hotel reservation system will be launched early next week (around March 7th). Please do NOT call hotels directly, you won't get a discount then. The Breakpoint invitation demo, explaining the whole background story about this years party theme, is going to be released at the end of next week (around March 10th). The shuttle reservation system for visitors arriving at the Frankfurt-Hahn and Frankfurt(Main) Airports will be launched around March 15th.

10th Feb 06

Compo news

Some updates on the organizers pages and the PC compo rules (Java/.NET is allowed again, because it has been requested several times). Also, the theme for the Theme Graphics compo has just been announced: it is "scene spirits".

30th Jan 06

Website update

We've just updated the travel page to include up-to-date information for people going to Breakpoint by airplane. This includes information about a new bus line from Frankfurt-Hahn to Bingen.

23rd Jan 06

RSS feed

For all you syndication junkies out there, the Breakpoint homepage now has a RSS feed for the news items - point your RSS reader at

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