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29th Mar 07

Competition PC and tracked music compo

We finally have specs for the competition PCs: They will be have Intel Core(tm)2 Duo E6400 (2,13GHz) processors, 1GB of RAM and an ATI Radeon X1900 XTX (512MB VRAM).
There's will be an unofficial tracked music compo organized by BeRo/0ok/farbrausch. If you're interested in submitting a tracked entry, check out the rules!

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27th Mar 07

Seminars and Concerts

The seminars page has been updated with seminars by ace, chaos and toxie and is now nearly complete - so check it out if you're interested!
We've just added the brand new concerts page with some more details on the bands that'll be playing, check it out if you're interested!

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27th Mar 07

Breakpoint entrance fees announced / social ticket introduced

After lots of internal planning and budget shifts, we've now settled on the entrance fee for 2007. The regular ticket worth 4 days full of party is 60 Euros.
In addition there is a social ticket which requires pre-registration by mail.

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8th Mar 07


Information about the first few seminars has just been added. This will be updated as soon as more seminars are confirmed, so be sure to check the page periodically if you're interested in what seminars we will be offering.

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2nd Mar 07 awards 2006 Nominees

The nominees for the Awards 2006 have just been announced, go check them out!

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2nd Mar 07

Theme Graphics Compo

The graphics compo rules have just been updated. The theme for the theme graphics compo is "Your life before being reincarnated as a scener": Draw yourself or another scener in a situation of his or her previous life. It's up to you to decide whether the protagonist was involved in some scene-related activity at that time or instead spent his life on earth as a cockroach.

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26th Feb 07

Breakpoint 2007 needs more sponsors!

Scamp at Pouet:
Financially-wise, Breakpoint is pretty fucked this year. As you may know, ATI won't sponsor anymore, as they got bought by AMD... which basically means 1/3 of Breakpoint's total budget is gone [...]
Read more about ScampĀ“s request for help on the linked page.

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22nd Feb 07

Time table

The first version of the time table is online, check it out if you're interested.

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11th Feb 07

PRESS PLAY ON TAPE to play live at Breakpoint 2007

PPOT, the danish C64 tribute rock band, will be giving a live concert on Saturday evening live at Breakpoint 2007. We are happy to have the guys around and think they'll be a great addition to our party.

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9th Jan 07

Bus trips

The first international bus trips / group travels to Breakpoint are announced:

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4th Jan 07

Changes to compo rules

The what's new page for competitions has just been updated with a little elaboration on why we made the controversial changes to compo rules this year (that is, the notably increased size limits for Amiga/PC demo entries and the cancellation of the tracked music competition).

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4th Dec 06

Official Pre-Announcement

Ok, here is an official pre-announcement for those who need a confirmation on the obvious stuff:

Breakpoint 2007 will take place from Good Friday, April 6th, to Easter Monday, April 9th 2007. The location again will be the Rundsporthalle in Bingen am Rhein, Germany.

Go book your plane tickets now while they are still cheap!

The BP2007 party website is expected to be launched in late December (probably during the TUM 2006 party). Stay tuned!

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