18th Mar 08

Bus shuttle

Just as in previous years, Breakpoint 2008 is featuring a free bus service connecting the party location with the inner city (hotels, train station etc). The Busses will be going non-stop from 09:00 in the morning till 04:00 in the night.

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17th Mar 08

Airport bus shuttle & Hotel reservation

The Airport bus shuttle registration is about to close. In case you are arriving at Frankfurt-Main (FRA) or Hahn (HHN) airport and haven't registered for the shuttle busses, please do so right now. Registration will close on Monday 15:00.
All the hotel rooms are allocated now, and the hotel registration has been closed (you can probably still get rooms at NH Hotel Bingen if you want; check the hotels page for details).
We will also close the Social Ticket registration on Tuesday, March 18th, at 18:00 MET. If you're late but still want to apply for a social ticket, please do so now.

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7th Mar 08

Another bunch of updates

Some more news on the Breakpoint website: concerts (Reyn Ouwehand and Xerxes & Romeo Knight), unofficial ansi compo, compo PC specs updated and timetable update.

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2nd Mar 08 Awards: The nominees are ready!

The Awards jury has worked day and night to prepare this years list of nominees, and here they are! Browse our awards-section to explore, download and view the nominees in each category.
The winners will be announced at the Awards show, which takes place during easter weekend at the Breakpoint demo party in Bingen, Germany

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28th Feb 08 Awards voting open

The voting for Awards (traditionally presented at Breakpoint) is open: Go on and pick your favourite for the public choice award.

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27th Feb 08

Breakpoint with gigantic FullHD bigscreen

This years Breakpoint will feature a gigantic bigscreen setup: Our bigscreen in the main hall is going to be over 70 square meters in size (16:9, 12 meters wide!), powered by two cinema-grade digital video projectors giving 18000 ANSI lumens each. Next to all competitions will run in FullHD widescreen resolution (1920x1080 pixels). Bam! Now make your productions FullHD ready.
In other news: Infos on seminars, timetable and PC compo machine specs.

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24th Feb 08

Invitation Released

Hello there! We've released Digital Garden the invitation for Breakpoint 2008 demoparty. Windows/OSX version included! Download watch, and be there at BP!

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21st Feb 08

Compo updates

Update to the compo rules: we've decided to cancel the theme graphics competition because of a notable decline in both quantity and quality of entries over the last few years - it just seems like there's no significant interest.
However, we did receive email from several people interested in participating in the executable 4k graphics competition, so we'll now officially have one! Don't make us regret this :)

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17th Feb 08

Hotel reservation system & ticket price

We've just launched the Breakpoint 2008 hotel reservation system offering big discounts to sceners over regular hotel prices.
We've also just published ticket price information. Thanks to our sponsors, we managed to lower the entrance fees compared to previous years. Regular entrance fee this year is now 55 Euros. For those who can't afford the ticket price (sceners coming from low-income countries and the like), there will be social tickets again, priced at 25 Euros (the missing 30 Euros are paid for by other sceners, pre-registration required).

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6th Feb 08

executable 4k graphics competition

We are still not sure whether there is significant interest in a executable 4k graphics competition - if you are interested in participating, please contact us on the Breakpoint hotline.

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6th Feb 08

Airport shuttle reservation system

We've just launched the airport shuttle reservation system - so please register yourself if you need a lift from the airport to breakpoint or back. The hotel reservation system will be launched later this week.

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28th Dec 07

Website launch

Welcome to the Breakpoint 2008 website, launched live at the TUM Party 2007 in Karlsruhe/Germany.

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