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6th Apr 09

Several news

Several news have been posted to the Breakpoint website. Those contain information about travelling, live performances and the time table.

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24th Mar 09

Seeking live band

When we started organizing Breakpoint 2009, we didn't have a budget at all. Thanks to the help of sceners, things look pretty OK now. We know it's late, but we really would love to have some live music action on stage. We are therefore looking for a live band to play at Breakpoint 2009. Read more about about the requirements on the Breakpoint page.

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5th Mar 09 Awards: Nominees

It's time to announce the 7th Annual Awards nominations! Altogether 39 demos, intros and animations are competing this year in 12 different award categories. Check out the nominations here. The winners will be announced in a grand Awards show at Breakpoint 2009 demoparty on 11th April, starting at 20:30 CET.

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23rd Feb 09

Party website launched and PC invitation demo released

Everything is under control:
Thanks to all the sceners who have donated over 15.000 Euros till date, Breakpoint 2009 has become a reality. We've just launched the official party website at - this includes the PC invitation demo done by MFX.
While Breakpoint 2009 is now secured and safe, we still could need some more donations - if you are willing to help by buying a supporter ticket or by donating some money through or Digitale Kultur e.V., please do. Thanks!!

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20th Feb 09

Bustrip from Cologne

Digitale Kultur e.V. is going to organize a bustrip from Cologne to Breakpoint 2009.

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5th Feb 09

Other Breakpoint support options

Digitale Kultur e.V. is collecting donations for Breakpoint as well. This might be interesting for those of you living in Germany (as the donations are tax-deductible) or those of you without a Paypal account and credit card.

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3rd Feb 09 Awards: Vote for your favourite demo

The 7th annual Awards has now opened for voting for Public Choice. Please head over to the awards-website to cast your vote!

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2nd Feb 09

Breakpoint 2009 is in danger and needs YOUR support

Breakpoint, world's biggest family meeting for programmers, musicians and artists, always tried to be a bridge between the committed demosceners and the outside world, the IT industry and the electronic art scene. A bridge that now seems to lead into a dark abyss.
Breakpoint is facing its biggest challenge so far: In January 2009, our former main sponsors announced their quarterly financial statements for the Q4 2008. The repercussions of the global financial crisis now hit the demoscene with full force: our main sponsors won't be able to support Breakpoint 2009.
We're missing over half of our party budget, mere weeks before the party is about to start.
What first looked like the end of Breakpoint may well turn out to be its finest hour. In the last few days, all kinds of sceners in the know made perfectly clear that they're not going to let this party perish. We ask the scene to unite and make sure that Breakpoint will go on.
And well, now it's your part to take part in making Breakpoint 2009 the event you love. Please read on..

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