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18th Oct 10

Buenzli Survey - Feedback wanted!

At Buenzli 19 we announced the change of location for Buenzli 20. Now that we slowly start organizing things again, we felt that it was time to gather some feedback from our past, current and future visitors. We would like to know about your relationship with Buenzli, what features you think are needed and how good or bad we performed up to now. We know your time is precious and greatly appreciate your willingness to participate in our survey. The survey is located at http://www.buenz.li/pages/survey19.html.

27th Sep 10

Download the Buenzli 19 Announcement Jingles

The announcement jingle from Buenzli 19 by Nooly are now available for download. You can either get the long version or the short version (or both, of course). Thank you Nooly for these pieces, they rocked the party place!

4th Sep 10

OHP Demos from Buenzli 19

The OHP demos from Buenzli 19 are finally available: The winner production Videofax by Cortex (YouTube) as well as Winne Tour by Alcatraz (YouTube). After a while, the videos will also be available on scene.org. Thanks again to both competitors for keeping this competition category alive!

26th Aug 10

Buenzli 19 After Party Page

Use our one-stop after-the-party information page for everything that’s there, now that Buenzli 19 is over: results, releases, photos, reports… If you got something like a report or photos on your own, maybe even have an online gallery, just tell us about it and we’ll add it.

24th Aug 10

BUENZLI 19 is already history

It was a wonderful weekend: Sunny days, more than 120 visitors (three-days and compo-watcher), a good load of releases, live acts and a perfectly friendly atmosphere. Thanks for being there, thanks for watching us on the stream, thanks for contributing and thanks for believing in Buenzli! We’ll keep you up to date about releases, photos and reports. We will be back next year, in a new location, with new ideas, new features and the same powerful organizing team.

21st Aug 10

Demoscene.tv Live Broadcast

BUENZLI 19 live outta Winterthur on demoscene.tv! Can’t come to the party place, because you’re too far away? (Everything not related to travel distance is not a good excuse for not coming ;-)) Anyway, if you’re can’t be here, be sure to follow us on famous demoscene internet tv station.

20th Aug 10

New Hotline Number

Because of the said circumstances, we have to give you a new hotline number: +41796599874. Please only use it in emergency cases.

20th Aug 10

Last Minute News

We are at the party place, building up the site for you. This also brings a few news items and changes for those that are planning to visit us this weekend.

First of all, there’s still the same car detour as last year (which means, that our travelling guide is a bit wrong in the end). Generally, you can always fillow the direction to "Museum" or "Kirchgemeindehaus", the street will lead you along the Buenzli location. Check this map for a bird’s view on the detour. In case of troubles and you feeling lost, just call our hotline.

Further, we have a bit of a delicate situation here, since the rest of the location building is booked, too. We kindly ask you to follow the special rule tweaks we have to apply (see more at the party place, slides). Thank you!

And now: Back to work - we’re opening the party in 7 hours :-)

18th Aug 10

Last Buenzli at current Location?

Are you still unsure whether to come to Buenzli or not? If so, the following information might make you come: This might very well be the last Buenzli at the current location. The church organ, the landmarked building, the gallery and of course the parquet floor. Come to Buenzli 19 to see it for the last time. We try hard to make it possible to come back to the same location again, but the circumstances might prevent this. So, take you chance to see the classic Buenzli again or be back for everything new at Buenzli 20 :-)

18th Aug 10

Boston Buenzli 19 Shadow Party

Our friends from the other side of the world organize a shadow party! Read more about it at the @party and Bocoup Buenzli Shadow Party event page (and Facebook). So, all the US demosceners in reach of Boston - go and have fun at the The Bocoup Loft. It’s great to have you with us on the stream. Have fun, and be sure to take part in our competitions the remote way.

17th Aug 10

Hotline, Weather and Stuff

It’s only three days left to Buenzli 19! All the team has entered the heavy preparation phase and we’ll leave to the party place on Thursday. We can imagine you’re planning your trip too, so make sure you check out our travelling guides. In case you still can’t find your way, of you get otherwise in trouble, call us on our hotline number: +41 52 202 4685 (available from Friday morning). Also, in case of questions, contact us here, on Facebook, Twitter, Pouet… we’ll gladly assist you.

 The weather forecast looks excellent for the Buenzli 19 weekend - sun, fun and demos. Keep yourself up to date about the weather at meteo24.ch.

11th Aug 10

Twice the Fun: Combined Ticket

Evoke might be one week after Buenzli this year, but this doesn’t stop us from giving you twice the fun for not quite twice the price: If you plan to go to Buenzli as well as Evoke, you should buy the infamous "Combined Ticket". For only 65 Euros (instead of 70) you’ll be able to enjoy the compos of Evoke and Buenzli back to back.

So, if you are man enough to try this, mention that you would like to buy a combined ticket at the Buenzli infodesk and have your cash ready. One week later, at the Evoke infodesk you show your Buenzli bracelet and the ticket and you’re in. That’s it!

If you were not yet planning to go to Buenzli and Evoke, isn’t this reason enough to think it over?!

10th Aug 10

The PCP.CH Jury Prize

For quite a long time, this has been a special feature of Buenzli and we’re back with it. The PCP.CH Jury Prize! The generous team at PCP.CH provides us with a fine ASUS EeePC 900AX (in stylish black) that will be given away to the best production of Buenzli 19 as defined by the independent jury.

How does it work? Every production released in a competition at Buenzli 19 is a candidate for the prize. That alone should be reason enough to release your production at Buenzli. The jury will be formed before the competition night, consisting of 7 - 9 people from all over Europe with differenty ideas and experience in demo-making. The jury speaker unveils the name of the PCP.CH Jury Prize winner live during the prizegiving.(Please note: remote entries are not eligible for the jury prize)

The prize was made possible with the PCP.CH PC Konfigurator.

Continue reading "The PCP.CH Jury Prize"

5th Aug 10

Event Schedule Available

The timetable for Buenzli #19 is now available! Three days full of action, animation and fun - make sure you don’t miss anything out while our doors are open. Have a look at the event schedule on our timetable & events page.

3rd Aug 10

Binvi - The Buenzli #19 Invitation Intro

We are proud to present: Binvi - The Buenzli #19 Invitation Intro. Our friends from clrsrc have had a few sleepless nights while creating this 64k intro for us. Download it right away and enjoy the ambient music accompanied by visuals with style.

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30th Jul 10

Competition Prizes

There’s no reason not to take part in our competition this year: We have received a vast amount of prizes from our sponsors and if the event is going well, we’ll also have a decent amount of money to give away as prizemoney to our competition winners. We’re also planning to have a jury prize again.

Be sure to check out our generous sponsors and pay their websites a visit. The whole event wouldn’t be possible without their highly appreciated help.

21st Jul 10

Competitions with PROCESSING

It’s now time to inform you about a major change in our competitions this year. We had a great success when we introduced the "4k procedural graphics competition" some years ago, and are happy to see this competition at all major demoparties now featuring kickass quality releases.

Buenzli is always striving for new ways entertaining both, the crowd and the artists. We are now going to open our competitions for entries made with PROCESSING, a powerful experimental framework for realtime artists - the definitive sketchbook for artists and coders. Our goal is to attract new masterminds to the demoscene. This brings easy access for everyone to the ‘big’ competitions.

So, what will change this year? The wild competition is where we want to see realtime and interactive software in any way. Go and film your installation. Do it live on stage. This is your playground! The demo competition allows non-interactive but realtime entries made with PROCESSING aswell. We are really looking forward to see traditional demos compete with unique entries made with PROCESSING. More information on our competition pages.

So go and fire up your favourite compiler, fire up PROCESSING and go and kick ass!

18th Jul 10

Säure!Fabrik // G.A.M.E.S. Liveact

Behind G.A.M.E.S. (Game Arcade Music Entertaiment System) stands a system of C64 twin processors conceived and constructed by David Pfluger, which makes it possible to play 8-bit game sounds equal to a DJ. The hits of the C64 era are "uploaded" directly from their original source, the 51/4 inch diskettes… This liveact is scheduled for Saturday night, August 21st, 2010 at Buenzli 19.

Continue reading "Säure!Fabrik // G.A.M.E.S. Liveact"

16th Jul 10

Your Journey to Buenzli 19

Are you still not sure whether you come to Buenzli 19 by train, plane or car? Have a look at our journey pages with Street View Guides, distance tables, train schedules and much more information that’s helpful for you planning your trip to Buenzli 19.

9th Jul 10

Kenobit & Arottenbit - Surfing on Square Waves

Kenobit’s live 8 bit show is going to get the party folks started at Buenzli 19 on Friday, August 20th, 2010, 10pm. The powerful sound of a simple game boy, surfing on square waves since 1989. Kenobit plays his flavour of techno music using only 2 Game Boys, with no extra effects. He’ll be playing one of his pumping 8 bit sets at Buenzli 19. Pre-listen the sound of Kenobit on www.myspace.com/kenobit.

Update: Arottenbit will join Kenobit in his live show.

5th Jul 10

Buenzli 19 features GAME ARCADE

Buenzli is more than a demoparty: In the tradition of bringing you something special every year, we found something extraordinary: The GAME ARCADE by mobileskino from Basel consists of arcade gaming machines in original size which, contrary to their appearance and external functionality, do not contain any computers and screens at all. They work purely with analogue technology. The game surfaces which visually remind of digital games of the 80ies are being reproduced by Super8 and slide projections, but are still completely interactive.

At Buenzli 19, two of the machines are presented: The 8-BOX, a shooting game, and the RACER, a racing game. Analog strikes back! See photos of these fine pieces hardware. The objects will be presented on Saturday.

20th Jun 10

Buenzli 19 Website Launch

While you are watching all the world cup games, we have been working quite a bit to finish this year’s Buenzli website. The all new layout and design was created by Genox, you probably have seen the elements of it on our flyer, already. It took a while to get it online, but we give you quite something with the launch now, too: Pretty much everything is ready, except for the timetable (which will follow in the near future). Take a look at all the pages, information and don’t forget to register and set a link to us on your own website. Cowee, our mascot, is looking forward to see you soon!

We are still in desperate need of sponsors, so if you think you can support us in some way, get in touch and help make Buenzli 19 awesome. To stay up to date with all the latest news about Buenzli, follow us on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook or keep reading news on Pouet and Demoparty.net.

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