18th Sep 07

DJ Klangstoss live at Buenzli 16

Saturday evening at Buenzli 16: DJ Klangstoss and Psykon (for the visuals) perform their live session. Finally, the recording of this event can be downloaded. We would like to thank for providing the movie and Psykon for re-encoding it to something more handy. Download the whole event recording now (~600MB, Xvid; sfv checksum), and enjoy the music performance accompanied by nicely remixed demo visuals.

11th Sep 07

Buenzli 16 OHP Demos available

It took a while, but now all entries from the Buenzli 16 OHP Demo competition are available for download. The following downloads are high quality DivX videos provided by our friends from

  1. Drifters - Our Home Planet
  2. Tpolm & 5711 - Fleurs Haliot
  3. T$ - Krawallball  

21st Aug 07

After the party page

Finally, after the downtime of, we launched our after-the-party page containing all releases, results, photos, reports and video from Buenzli 16! Contribute to the list by sending your photos, reports and videos to us. Please stand by a little bit longer for top notch recordings of the incredible OHP demo entries. Thank you everyone for contributing to Buenzli 16 - which had, compared to the relatively small amount of visitors, a great bunch of hi-quality releases.

19th Aug 07

It's over now

We just returned from cleaning up the partyplace and feel that we should give you some information about the outcome of the party. The releases and results will be available once we have slept a bit - due to the downtime, the distribution is a bit unconfortable. We will make everything available to you sooner or later. Thanks to everyone who has been at the party place, to everyone watching us on DTV and to the DTV guys for the really great support. You make it easy for us to be back in one year!

17th Aug 07

Buenzli 16 Has Started

Finally, we have found some time to inform you about the good start of Buenzli 16! Everything is running smooth - and you can join us live on DTV. Be ready for the real action tomorrow - you could attend one of the shadow parties taking place all around the globe (Cologne, Helsinki, ...).

16th Aug 07

Friday night live act: B.M.B.

To the last minute, we were able to get the confirmation for the Friday night live act: B.M.B. (“Bring more beer”) will play their characteristic techno-trance-chip-rock music at Buenzli 16! This show promises a lot of fun and good sound: Synthesizers mixed with an e-guitar live on stage can't be better. Make sure you don't miss this (don't arrive too late). Want to hear how it sounds? Check out the B.M.B. demo tracks.

14th Aug 07

Weather forecast

The real party is outside, but only if the weather is good enough. Check the self-updating weather forecast picture! It's almost a tradition, but rain will probably be falling during Buenzli. For Sunday, it looks better and sunny again. And if it's raining all days, we sure give you enough entertainment inside, too.

14th Aug 07

Travelling & Hotline

Now that it's only a few days left to Buenzli 16, you should consider checking our travelling guides. If you're lost somewhere on your way to Buenzli, or if you need other advises or help, make use of our hotline which will be callable starting from Friday in the morning: +41 52 202 4685. We'll glady also answer every question coming trough our contact form.

5th Aug 07

Buenzli 16 Invitation

The Sky is the Limit: Brainstorm and Traction released the invitation demo for Buenzli 16 at Assembly Summer 2007. The comic like graphics by Prm and Ivo, the excellent soundtrack by Virt and the last minute code by Preacher make this little demo a nice experience - and it makes you coming to Buenzli 16. Download the invitation from now (available for win32 by now, but you can download the captured movie version ) and feel invited! A big thank you to Preacher and all the Brainstorm guys for making this thing real - better late than never! Read on for more screenshots.

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4th Aug 07

Interactivity! Open Video & Jam Sessions

Buenzli has always been known as the party where people really can take part. We continue this tradition with our Open Video Show and Open Jam Session.

The unofficial tradition - now official. We have scheduled an open video session, make sure you don't miss your chance to submit the coolest video you found over the net. Not cheesy, but artsy. Not bad, but sick. Go ahead and show us the trends of tomorrow. Unknown youtube fun? You did something that is even to weird for the wild compo? We want to have it and we want to show it live. Go ahead and contact us during the party or even in advance. This is YOUR show - going live on Friday late night.

Saturday night, the vibes go high - that's the moment where you as a demoscene musician grab you instruments (laptop, guitar, c64, drum machine, ..), plug to our mixer and go mad in the Open Jam Session. Together with everyone else on stage you do a spontaneous and improvised live set. Sounds good? Join in on Saturday night. 


4th Aug 07

Connect to the outer worlds

Thanks to our almost regular sponsor Cablecom , we will be able to offer you a fast internet connection at Buenzli 16: No problem if your people finish your demo  in the outer worlds - you'll be able to download the final version and submit it right before the deadline. Beside that, Cablecom sponsors a fast line for too, so the broadcast will be on the secure side.

31st Jul 07

Timetable & Events

The Buenzli 16 website got now updated with the current version of the timetable. It includes all deadlines, events and competition times as well as shower times. The timetable has carefully been laid out so that also compo-only-watchers can leave Winterthur after the last competition by train. Further, it has quite some buffer time for the usual delays and offers a lot of time for partying, talking to your friends, finish your entries and having a beer or two. Plan your party program: Timetable & Events.

30th Jul 07 at Buenzli 16

On their mini tour 2007, our friends from will make a stop at Buenzli 16. You can't come to Buenzli this year? No problem, you can watch us having great fun live on DTV. All competitions, all events and random impressions, interviews and reports from the partyplace are broadcasted on the IP-TV channel during all three days of Buenzli. Thanks for joining us again,!

27th Jul 07

Open Game Competition

Are you working on a game project? What's about that unfinished game you have been working on since 3 years? Feel like making a simple game for an exotic platform? The Buenzli 16 Open Game Competition awaits your entries. No limits, no restrictions - and since this competition is supported by Omni Mad , a German startup game factory, we'll even have decent prizes. You have three weeks left to make your preview playable, to finish that end-boss and to add the music - take part in the Buenzli 16 Open Game Competition. Compo rules and more can be found on our competition page .

23rd Jul 07

Jury- & Competition-Prizes

Buenzli 16 will have a total competition prize value of almost CHF 10'000.- (~ EUR 7000): That's a new record for a Swiss demoparty. This is possible thanks to our sponsors who donate a lot of prizes this year. The prizes will consist of money and various hard- and software. The value also includes the jury prizes we are giving out to the over all best entry at Buenzli 16 again. Take part in one of our various competitions to enable yourself to be the possible winner of the jury prizes! Continue reading this news item to read more about the jury prizes. After that, you should register yourself for Buenzli 16.

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19th Jul 07

Cheap flights to Buenzli 16

Thanks to Netpoet for tellings us about cheap flight from Düsseldorf to Zürich Airport! Düsseldorf is in easy reachable distance from Cologne, too. With Air Berlin you can book the following flight for only EUR 134,00: DUS ZRH 17.08.07 20:55 22:05 AB8172 <-> ZRH DUS 19.08.07 19:50 21:05 AB8173. Book now before it gets more expensive! Buenzli is very close to the Zurich international airport  (15 minutes by train). Read more on our travelling page!

Do you know of other cheap flights, possibly from more countries and airports? Inform us and we'll announce it here!

18th Jul 07

Strong Competition Machine

Finally, we are able to announce the technical specification of the computer that is being used to play the competition entries at Buenzli 16. We have updated the specs on the competition page.  The machine is donated by our sponsor Hewlett Packard and looks like this: An Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6700 CPU with 2,67 GHz, equipped with 2 GB RAM and last but definitivley not least one hell of a graphics card: The nVidia Quadro FX4600 with 768 MB of VRAM. The PC will be set up with Windows XP/SP2 and the latest drivers, DirectX 9 runtimes, libraries and Java VMs. Your competition entry will run smooth as ace on this gear.

18th Jul 07

Welcome to Buenzli Casino

Do you have a true poker-face? Show it to us at Buenzli 16. We are very excited to announce the Buenzli Texas Hold 'em Poker fun competition. The game will be played in rounds with maximum 6 participants. It goes until one player per round is left who will then face the other round-winners in a final game. Take part and win a very nice poker-set with 500 chips in a cute alu case. Registrations for the tournament are taken directly at Buenzli 16, no maximum of competitors is set. Now, go ahead and learn those poker tricks, grimaces and poker-faces - and see you at the Buenzli casino. Read on to view the full rules of this competition.
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13th Jul 07

Unofficial ANSI/ASCII-Compo

Thanks to a third-party offer, we are able to announce the Buenzli 16 ANSI/ASCII-Competition. There has been a trend to feature this kind of compo at demoparties again, lately. Even if it is an unofficial competition, we will provide prizes to the winners. Take this chance and contribute to the really oldschool competition organized by mypalGOO. Remote entries are allowed in this competition. The rules are published later in this news item and on the competition page .
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11th Jul 07

Buenzli & Evoke Combined Ticket

Buenzli and Evoke - friends forever? You have been waiting for it and here it is: We proudly announce another year of the Combined Ticket. Evoke takes places just one week before Buenzli - to make your full time summer party experience easy, we offer combined tickets that are valid for both parties and you even get a discount on the entrance fees! The ticket can be bought at the entrance desk of Evoke, just ask for the combined ticket instead of paying the normal Evoke entrance fee. Bring the ticket and the Evoke control bracelet with you to Buenzli and feel at home right away. The combined ticket got cheaper and is available for only EUR 40.-. This includes 6 days of computer fun! Register now for Buenzli and Evoke:

2nd Jul 07

The famous OHP competition

On public request, we decided to rephrase the rules for our OHP competition. As our competition page now states, the same rules as last year are applied to this compo - with two extensions: a) Take care with liquid - the OHP must be dry after your entry was shown. b) Don't use commercial music! We carefully discussed these extensions and think they're needed when looking at 3 years of OHP experience. Everything else stays the same: Our OHP competition, the way you like it. Don't miss it at Buenzli 16 - popular teams already announced their entries!

For those not familiar with the concept of our OHP competition. Imagine an ordinary OverHead Projector throwing hand animated, truly analogous effects to the big screen. Our public has already been able to see hand-crafted scrolltexts, laser light effects, liquid plasma, 3d wireframes and much, much more. Previous year's fantastic OHP demo entries can be downloaded from .

28th Jun 07

Sponsors catch up

We are more than happy to tell you about the first sponsors supporting Buenzli 16! Just like it has been the case in the previous two years, the German photographers from StyleKurve fortify the prizegiving with brand new Retro calendars for 2008 (see image). The calendar now marks European's most important demoparty dates for 2008! The Swiss mobile company Infomotion helps us out with the SMS services again. Last but definitivley not least, Sky Consulting pops in as our main sponsor once more and provides prizes and prizemoney for you to win. Currently we are settling a deal for the unlimited game competition  - you better get your compilers started and finish that game for Buenzli 16!

25th Jun 07

Buenzli 16 Competitions

As every year, Buenzli brings you a whole bunch of competitions. Beside the regulars like demo and intro-competition, music and graphics competitions we again bring you the world famous OHP competition. Also, the success story of the 4k procedural graphics competition continues - see the original at Buenzli! Our unlimited game competition allows you submit that long done game you wanted to release since years. Have a look at the rules and information on our competition page !

26th May 07

Register for Buenzli 16

Together with the launch of the Buenzli 16 website, we also opened the registration for the party! Be sure to register yourself if you intend to come - but please only register if you think you can really make it to Buenzli 16. We decided to no longer offer prepaid tickets and generally simplified the registration process. Give it at try - you surely don't want to miss the Swiss demoscene event of the year, do you? Register here

26th May 07

Buenzli 16 T-Shirts

Buenzli 16 Shirt (Standard) The brand new Buenzli 16 Shirts are now available in 6 different sizes in our shop! As usual, they are of a high quality  and have a 2 color print on them. The shirts perfectly act as daily streetware, too. The design by our favourite designer Ivo Zürcher has been transferred to brown and blue shirts. For the first time, we also sell Buenzli 16 girlie shirts. By buying the shirts, you're supporting us in organizing Buenzli 16. Buy the shirt in your size in our shop.

26th May 07

Launch of the new website

Here we go again - we finally managed to pull out a new stylish design for the Buenzli website, now basing on Serendipity and featuring less information overhead than before. We will now going on by slightly extending the site and filling new content, so you should check back often! The best thing you can do is to subscribe to our RSS feed and stay up to date. Note that old site links mostly won't work anymore. You can, however, find the old Buenzli site at We hope you enjoy surfing our site and of course we want you to be a visitor of the greatest demoscene event in Switzerland.

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