Type Meeting
Url slack-files.com
Date march 2019, 9th
Location Effinger,
3000 Bern
  »It's 2019 and we keep on going with the Demonights series. The next date that you better do not miss if you're anywhere close enough is the 9th of March 2019 when Demonights 008 take place. This time we bring you a truly oldschool story, told by two scene legends from Berne. We proudly introduce you to Amicom and Depeche - and here's what we will hear from them:
Your System is Infected In the late 80s, the Amiga demoscene flourished. Even here in Bern and its suburbs talented boys (and unfortunately no girls) were coding, cracking, reserve engineering if there was no tomorrow.
This was the time of our youth and 30 years later we have a confession to make. We have created the first file based virus on the Amiga. For the first time ever we will unveil the complete story of this virus.
Alongside with this yet untold adventurous story, we'll entertain you with the latest demoware from back then, from today and from in between. Come join us on this journey to a thing that started more than 30 years ago.
As usual, we'll see each other in the awesome Effinger E-0010 location:
Location & Contact
  • When: Saturday, 09.03.2019
  • Doors: 1900 - 23:59, screen programme
  • starting at ~19:30, story telling time at 20:30
  • Entrance: CHF 10.- cover (please deposit in tip-jar)
  • Where: Effingerstrasse 10, Bern.
  • Underground -2 (side entrance)
Best reachable by public transport, 5 minute walk from the main station in Bern; No parking on site: please use nearby designated city parking lots (City West). We will have some drinks & snacks available (again via tip-jar) on location.
Please let us know you're coming so that we can put some beers to the icebox. Say yes on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/events/282647152371547), Twitter (https://twitter.com/buenzli/status/1085258811294863360) or even by email (see https://www.echtzeitkultur.org)
Demonights 008 is brought to you by Echtzeit - Digitale Kultur and Effinger E-0010.«

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