DreamHack Winter 2005 Logo
Type Demoparty
Url www.dreamhack.se
Date november 2005, 24th - 27th
Location Jönköping,
Elmia exhibition centre
Links pouet
  »DreamHack is the worlds largest LAN- and demoparty and is arranged by DreamHack Organizing. More than 6000 people will come together and bring their own computers to play games, code, compete, surf the Internet, chatt and much more during four days. DreamHack is always open, around the clock!

DreamHack is connected to the Internet with a 5 Gigabit/s connection, provided by Telia.«

Entrance fee

type price
regular 650 SEK  
single day unknown  

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November 2005

December 2005

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