Type Meeting
Date august 2010, 14th
Location BBQ-area near Albertbrücke,
Credits novel
  »I would like to invite you to a nice little scene meeting in Dresden, the city where I have been living for a year now. The idea is to have a tasty barbeque down at the river, where we can talk about demoscene and whatever stuff while having a cold Radeberger, then moving to the party quarter and discover some of Dresden's great nightlife. For those who are interested, I will even do a guided tour through the city. Seriously.

Anyway, here are the details:

Saturday, August 14th, 2010, starting at 4pm!

Dresden, Germany.
In the BBQ-area near "Albertbrücke".

What features?
- Scenish conversations
- stylish BBQ down at the river Elbe (enjoy the famous Canneloni-View)
- a guided tour through Dresden's baroquest corners
- getting banned from "Rosi's Amüsierlokal" for vomiting on the table soccer
- Wer hat dicke Eierschecke?

How to sign up?
Just come by and bring your booze and meat. I'll be there anyway. I heard of some Norwegian musician wanting to come by. And Dodge will arrange a seminar on how to get Fibomoodci work on a real A500. I hope those lazy Leipzigers will also move there asses.

However, it would be extraordinarily great if you dropped me a mail at jurassicpack@web.de if you consider to come and if you like to have a guided tour as well. I might prepare some special booze for you.«


12th Aug 10

Start at 5 pm.

The bbq will start at 5 pm. Bring your own booze, food, and umbrellas, I bring the bbq-things and delicious extras. A friend of mine is going to turn the tables at Grove-Station afterwards (Katharinenstraße 11-13) so this is where we are going afterwards if you miss the bbq.

by poti //
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