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6th Sep 10

Evoke 2010 on EINSWEITER

Attention for the tv junkies among you: Evoke 2010 will be featured on EINSWEITER (a magazin on Einsfestival) tomorrow (7th of september) at 20:01.  


31st Aug 10

Evoke 2010 is over

What a gorgeous party it was! Thanks a lot to everyone who made it possible: the other organizers, our sponsors, the live acts, those who contributed and all the visitors!

Just in the last years we gathered a page with links to all reports, photos and releases we came across. Drop us a note in case something is missing. 

In addition we will post and RT some interesting links via our twitter account.

26th Aug 10


Since today we are setting up the location of Evoke 2010. Just take a look at our Twitter page for updates and photos.

Please store our new hotline number +49 178 190 EVOKE just in case you get lost on your way to the party.

23rd Aug 10

Lifts to Evoke

Still have a empty seat in your car? No idea how to get to Evoke? Take a look at our lifts page and submit an offer or a request.

In addition we updated and enhanced the travelling section compared to last year - probably kinda worthless now that everyone has got a satnav...

21st Aug 10

Younger than 18?

If you are younger than 18 and consider to visit Evoke, then please note that we highly appreciate that, but because of legal issues, we can not let you into the party place without a declaration of consent filled out by your parents. Please get in touch with us and we'll provide you with the necessary info.

20th Aug 10

ZINE #14 Release Date announced - Release Party at Evoke!

Brainstorm, Evoke Organizing and Bitfellas are happy to announce the forthcoming  release of ZINE #14 at Evoke on August 27. After around 2.5 years the 14th  edition of ZINE is finally coming after a chain of setbacks. Reason enough to  celebrate. Hard.
Therefore, Brainstorm is organizing a huge BBQ at Evoke, bringing 300 sausages  and rolls for free to kick off the event on Friday evening, August 27 right after  the Evoke opening ceremony.

19th Aug 10

Streams for eyes and ears

This year we will not only again welcome our friends from demoscene.tv who will provide all you guys that can't make it to Cologne this year with a videostream of (almost) all things important at Evoke, but alongside them we welcome the guys from SceneSat Radio to set up an audio-stream that will keep you updated on what is up at the party, provide you with some background, trivia and interviews. So there really is no reason to completely miss Evoke this year. If you do anyways, at least you can't blame us. We tried!

19th Aug 10

Music to you ears...

To warm you up on Friday, keep you excited on Saturday and then finally finish you off on Sunday in the earliest morning, we hired some help from musicians that will fulfill these tasks just well. On Friday byproduct will give you a warm welcome to Evoke and then hand over the stage to DJ Storno of A MAZE fame who will gladly escort you through the first night at Evoke. Then on Saturday Timbral wil put you in the right mood for the "big compos" with some 4-bit music. And finally, after all the compos, Zengineers and Sudio will pick you up right there and provide you with the perfect athmosphere for another night at Evoke. More information on the "line-up" can be found here. Party on!

16th Aug 10

We meat again!

The already infamous outdoor-area of Evoke will be back in action this year. For you that means: bring your own meat, vegetables, dishes and barbecue sauces. We will provide coal, a lighter and some barbecue-silverware. Rumour has it that somebody will bring lots of saussages to give away for some celebration on friday, so you might even be abled to make it through the first night for free...but more on that later.

The outdoor area will also feature a nice PA, so expect a nice hang out area there, if $yourDeity helps us with the weather :)

12th Aug 10

Party hard - save some bucks

Just the weekend before Evoke there is our beloved Buenzli (in Winterthur, Switzerland). For those of you who prefer to visit both parties we have an offer: buy a combined ticket for both parties at Buenzli! It will give you double the fun and cost 65 Euro (instead of 70 Euro).

If you were not yet planning to go to Buenzli and Evoke, isn’t this reason enough to think it over?!

11th Aug 10

Entrance fee at 35 Euro

When you read the news on the long distance discount, you probably wondered: what about the regular entrance fee? Just like last year it will be 35 Euro for the whole weekend! It includes: watching demos with your friends, a chair, a table seat, a barbecue area and some nice events. More on this in the next few days!

More about this in the next few days.

2nd Aug 10

Long Distance Discount

We will provide a lowered entrance fee to people that have to travel long distances to come to Evoke. To make up for the higher travelling costs, and since we love the international atmosphere, people living 700km or farther away from Cologne will benefit from a by 50% reduced entrance fee.

So, if you live "far away" and would like to take us up on this offer, please contact us via our webform. See you at Evoke!

6th Jul 10

We twitter, you twitter #evoke_eu

For the twitter users among us: First of all you can follow us at http://twitter.com/evoke_eu. In addition to that: hashtag your trip planning, release updates, questions and whatever else party related with #evoke_eu and get listed on our You Twitter page. 

5th Jul 10

Travelling to Evoke

Still wondering how to get to Evoke? Take a look at our travel page: you can find detailed information on all the options, a map listing all the low cost airlines directing to Evoke and the beloved photo guide (with debis style scenery). In case you are offering or seeking a link, just move your browser to our lifts page.

26th Jun 10

Website Launch

Just about two month before Evoke the website for the event has been launched. Take a look at the first pieces of information, register or take a look at the beautiful invitation by Haujobb (again).

26th Apr 10

Invitation: YouShould by Haujobb

Haujobb are back! They released "YouShould" -- the invitation for Evoke 2010 -- at Geeks can dance.

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