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27th Aug 12

A making-of Finally by Titan

Interrested in some inside information on how Finally by Titan (2nd in alternative demo competition) was made? The guys from Titan put a nice making-of online. Enjoy reading!

18th Aug 12

Final of 4k compo winner

A final version of this year´s 4k compo winner "ZUCKZ!" by TRSI has been released. It features text, better music sync & more scenes!

14th Aug 12

Evoke 2012 is over

A really great birthday party is over. Some even called it one of the best Evoke editions in history. And probably they are just right!

Thanks a lot to those who made this possible: everyone in the Evoke organizing team, our partners, the live acts, seminar speakers and last but not least: you! 

Just like the last years we are assembling a after party round up page where you can find results, releases, photos and reports. Contact us if something great should be missing.

See you in 2013. And at all the great other demoparties around!


10th Aug 12

Seminar on a Movidius Myriad SDK

We managed to find another great speaker for Evoke! Conor Mac Aoidh will give it Sunday at 10:30. He will talk about writing self-contained 4k-like Demos on the Movidius Myriad platform leveraging the processing power of the 8-core SHAVE GPU/DSP processor. Covers real-time audio synthesizing and writing graphics with a 2D rasterization library.

9th Aug 12

Headup Games

Headup Games already is the coolest game publisher in the whole industry. You might know them from their worldwide App Store hit "Bridge Constructor" on iOS or you might know them from indie developer jewels like Q.U.B.E, Limbo, Super Meat Boy that they have published.

But Headup Games became even cooler: they decided to sponsor Evoke. To top that of with even more coolness, they also helped us to bring Chris Hülsbeck to Evoke.

Thanks Headup Games. You guys are supporting us in more ways than we could have asked for.

8th Aug 12

Best of Evoke demoshow on Friday

Fifteen years of Evoke means fifteen years full of demos and intros. We will bring a special selection of them back on the big screen. Right after the opening ceremony on Friday evening we will present you the "Best of Evoke Demoshow". The show will feature demos of famous groups like Haujobb, Plastic, Still, ASD and many others, don’t miss it.

7th Aug 12

Projection Mapping by Dingfabrik

Cologne fab lab Dingfabrik (which will also house the unofficial pre-party) will be present at Evoke to show a large object: on a 3x3x3 meter surface they will do "projection mapping" using two video projectors. The projectors will display animated videos on the sculpture. The installation is interactive: visitors are able to upload their own videos to be shown.

In addition there will be a information booth informing about Dingfabrik.

7th Aug 12

Why members of copyright collectives are not allowed

As one of the only demopartys we explicitly disallow GEMA members (and those in other international copyright collectives) from taking part in our competitions. After a really serious incident last year (where we faced a fee by GEMA that would have threatened Evoke´s future) we have written down some words why we do not allow this. Long story short: it would cost us some 4500 Euro we do not have. 

7th Aug 12

Bero seeking a lift

Bero/Farbrausch wrote us this urgent message

I'm still seeking for a lift from Moenchengladbach/NRW/Germany to evoke 2012 and back. Petrol cost sharing is no problem. Do you know who can take I / whom I may chance to ride with?

Can you help him? If so, use our contact form to get in touch with him.

7th Aug 12

Get the Evoke Feeling!

Get the evoke feeling! Listen to the five minute soundtrack of the invitation at soundcloud. Point your ears

6th Aug 12

DG-i brings back the fruit bowl (and the bbq)

We are very happy that DG-i once again decided to sponsor Evoke.

And this year they will not only bring back the DG-i BBQ with enough free sausages for everyone. They will also revive an old but lost tradition: the fruit bowl. You can expect to find fresh fruits like apples, pears and bananas right at any time at the info desk at the entrance. 

Thank you very much DG-i.

6th Aug 12

Hülsbeck, Richter & Xerxes at Evoke Seminars

This year´s Evoke seminar area feature some really outstanding speakers.

Xerxes will show a general introduction to Renoise. And he will probably find some time to show you some nice tricks.

Tobias Richter will look back at the start of his career. On his first steps on the Amiga, using DPaint, Videoscape and Reflections - a presentation of some of the creations from back then...

As a special guest we will have of the best known names in early German Amiga and C64-generation music: Chris Hülsbeck. He is going to be interviewed by Ziphoid.

All those seminars are going to happen on Saturday. Check with the timetable, so you do not miss them!

5th Aug 12

Younger than 18?

If you are younger than 18 and consider to visit Evoke, then please note that we highly appreciate that, but because of legal issues, we can not let you into the party place without a declaration of consent filled out by your parents. Please get in touch with us and we'll provide you with the necessary info.

2nd Aug 12

Musical Programme at Evoke

Evoke is not only about using your creative computer skills, but also about moving your body to good music! As every year, we have an exciting line up of DJs and live performers to entertain you throughout the party. Hailing from Australia, Finland, the Netherlands and Germany, our live acts range from chiptunes to techno, from drum'n'bass to dub. See the updated timetable here.

30th Jul 12

Timetable is online

Heading towards Evoke, the timetable has been released! Some really nice specials are still missing as those seminars, live acts & birthday celebrations will be announced shortly. You should really be looking forward to this!

30th Jul 12

Combined ticket with Demodays

Attention, party hoppers: This year's Summer-parties Demodays and Evoke are back with the combined ticket! Save 5 bucks with the ticket that's valid for both parties. Evoke is taking place in Cologne (10-12 August) and the Demodays start off three weeks later in Olten (31 August to 2 September).

If you're ready for the experience, start at the entrance of Evoke by mentioning you want to buy the combined ticket, have your cash ready and tell your name. Three weeks later, at the Demodays info desk, you show your Evoke bracelet + the ticket and you're in. Thats it!

If you were not yet planning to go to Demodays and Evoke, isn't this reason enough to think it over again?!

17th Jul 12

Unofficial Evoke Pre-Party

We're not sure if you already heard it or not but Topy44 is organizing the unofficial Evoke Pre-Party at the fablab/hackerspace "Dingfabrik" in cologne.

So if you arrive early you could go there to have a few beers, watch demos and meet other sceners even before Evoke starts. Topy44 has compiled a some more info at http://evoke.t44.org/.


15th Jul 12

Evoke Invitation wins at Solskogen!

The invitation to Evoke 2012 won at the Solskogen 2012 Wild-Compo. Get the awesome release here and see how we try even more to lue you into coming to Evoke.

Thanks and congratulations to susencrusen, chunna, streetcreatures and stülle for a very nice initation to a very nice demoparty to come.

15th Jul 12

Supporter Ticket

If you want to support Evoke even more than you already do by coming and paying the regular entrance, you can buy the "Supporter Ticket". You will be able to pay in advance, get a correct invoice for your payment and receive a "free" shirt at the party.

So if you'd like to up the amount of prizemoney or need a way to make your trip to Evoke a business trip (by combining it with "GCD" or "gamescom" for example) simply surf here and find all the information you need.

11th Jul 12

How to get to Evoke and where to stay

For the regular Evoke visitor most of the following information is probably well known already. Four years in the same location and you can nearly call it home game.

For all the others here is information on how to reach AbenteuerhallenKalk by plane, car, train and busses.

If you don´t want to drive all the way to Evoke alone: why not add your free seat to our lift database? Use the same form when you are seeking a lift to the party.

For those of you who do not want to sleep at the party place we gathered a list of nice hotels around the location. If you happen to have a tip from the last years: tell us so that we can add another nice accomendation.

24th Jun 12

Evoke 2012 website was launched

This year we are going to celebrate this 15th edition of Evoke with you!

And finally we have launched the accompanying website!

More information will be added shortly. Make sure you register, so your friends and groupmates know you are coming.

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