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Type Demoparty
Url www.evoke.eu
Date august 2013, 16th - 18th
Location Abenteuerhallen Kalk,
Cologne, NRW
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  »It's 2013, and it is time for evoke again. but this time, we are doing some things different.
New and innovative compos in addition to the classics, more entertainment for you to enjoy, all wrapped up with what we know how to do best:
A party with a heart«


19th Aug 13

Evoke closing it´s doors for 2013

Evoke 2013 is history! 500 people showed up and saw some of the most remarkable compos in Evoke´s history. Together with the wonderful weather (though the wasps really sucked), nice dj & vj sets, interesting seminars & kids corner it became a really great atmosphere. 

A big thank you to everyone who made this possible. We are still completely blown away! Thanks!

Meanwhile we are busy collecting links for our after party page. Please, don´t hesitate to contact us when you find something missing!

See you in 2014! And on all those other really great parties we love so much!

17th Aug 13

The party is live

The first evening of this year´s Evoke is already over.

For those who cannot attend: try to get the party feeling at Scenesat live broadcast! In addition there are tags on Twitter, Vine, Instagram and Flickr where people are constantly posting impressions from the party. 

In addition here are some moving pictures from the buildup (filmed by a quadrocopter):

Hey! And consider joining (again) us next year!

15th Aug 13

Hello Snakey

The same guys who brought us last years amazing projection mapping will delight us with their latest art installation.


"Hello Snakey !!" is the name of twitter-based snake-like game, that comes in best pick-up-and-play manner. Everyone can instantly join the game and help Mr. Snakey solve interesting missions. The game is developed by Nodepond, released by Sunday-Monday-Games and will have it's world premiere at Evoke 2013.

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