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22nd Aug 17

Our birthday party is over

This year´s Evoke is over.

To the whole team it was a very emotional Evoke. With all the memories evoked by photos, stories that were remembered and those releases that celebrated our 20 year history.  

In addition the event was one of the most successful in regard of number of visitors, releases and prize money. And we had a bunch of great releases as well!  

We would like to thank everyone who made this a really special event for both the visitors and organizers!

See you all in 2018 or at all those other great demoparties!

19th Aug 17

HarikaZen at Evoke

Whaaat! Team HarikaZen will ofcourse be back at Evoke 2017 for its 20 year anniversary! While you're visiting, make sure to check out our BRAND NEW Shirt Design!

As usual, you can expect the same setup as previous years. For whoever slept under a rock the past 5 years, they are as follows:

- Participate in one of the graphics competition categories Ansi/Ascii and/or Pixel, and have the chance to win a kit with a voucher for a t-shirt of your choice and a bundle of stickers.

You can claim your prize either at the party place (while stock lasts), or online through our webshop.

- For everyone else: The code EVOKE2017 gives you 15% off your order at shop.harikazen.com. This promotion is valid throughout 18th August - 22th August 2017.


If you plan to visit Evoke, and place an order any time before or latest during saturday night, you can get it personally delivered to the party place, perhaps by a group of drunken gangsters with shades for days, dancing til' the sun goes up, spreading good vibes!


You are welcome to visit the HarikaZen stand at the party place to browse and buy our products during the weekend for a special Evoke discount.

Again, make sure you don't miss our BRAND NEW super fresh shirt design 

Brooklyn Breakdown '77, which will be sold for the first time at the party!


HarikaZen was founded in 2013, and is currently creating Amiga ascii influenced designs for t-shirts, stickers, and high quality prints. Follow them on Facebook and @HarikaZen on Twitter.


19th Aug 17

HarikaZen at Evoke

18th Aug 17

The party has opened it´s doors

Everything is build up, the first visitors are paying their entrance fee: Evoke 2017 is live!

If you would like to follow the party we have set up a live coverage page for your pleasure.

This year we will stream our events with twitch (see a schedule there). Beneath that we have some official twittering by us plus your thought on the party (use the #evoke20 hashtag). In addition the page features the upcoming events from the timetable plus #evoke20 photos from Instagram. 

And don't forget to add our ical calendar to your favorite calendaring software to keep up with what is happening at Evoke. We will try our best to update it when bigger delays should occur. 

18th Aug 17

Spread the word

Already on your trip to Evoke? Just arrived at the party place? Making progress on your release? Let the world know!

Please tag your Twitter, Instagram & Flickr posts with #evoke20.

Posts and images tagged this way might show up on our social media wall (the small screen on the right side of the main screen). So do posts to the pouet oneliner (find out) or to our irc channel.

17th Aug 17

DJ Arvy aka Triace's ST-01 Mix

Wether if you need some last minute inspiration for our ST-01 music compo or if you are just looking for some travel music to get into the right mood for Evoke, DJ Arvy aka Triace has your back.

His Amiga Demoscene Mixtape Vol. 019 features all the glorious tracks made with ST-xx samples. Go get it. 

16th Aug 17

FrOSCon and Evoke with DG-i

Can't decide between visiting FrOSCon or Evoke? Why not visit both?

DG-i, generous sponsor of both events, offers a shuttle service to get you to Evoke after Saturdays FrOSCon talks and workshops have ended. You will be at Evoke right in time to follow the major competitions and to party the night away with with our DJ/VJ Trio Logicoma.

DG-i also pays the lion share of the evoke entrance fee for every participant of the shuttle bus. Awesome!



16th Aug 17

Anki Cozmo Competition

Cozmo is coming to Evoke and this is your chance to tinker with it. Even before Cozmo hits the retail stores in Germany we were lucky to get our hands on a few to let you play around with it. We even set up a competition.Come to Evoke, borrow one of the Cozmo Sets that we have, make Cozmo do something special or unexpected and hand it in for the competition. What idea can you come up with? If the audience decides in you favor and you win the competition the cozmo might be yours to keep!

The deadline for the competition will be Saturday, 18:00 CEST. The screening will be at around 21:00 CEST.
Learn more about Cozmo and take a look at the SDK beforehand.
Please get in touch if you would like to reserve a Cozmo for yourself to work with at Evoke.

What, what? Who’s Anki?

Anki is harnessing robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) to bring to life consumer products with unprecedented level of intellect and interactive capabilities. Founded in 2010 by three Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute graduates, Anki creates consumer experiences using cutting-edge technology that was once confined to robotics labs and research institutes.

15th Aug 17

Friday with Dinos Derbe Demoshau

After trying something new last Sunday it is time for Dino to return to the bigscreen.

For the 5th anniversary of Dinos Derbe Demoshau he is planning a mix of demos and intros from the last years, having some highlights from past Evokes and some new bangers so fresh that they are still hot.

Dinos Derbe Demoshau will get you in the right (demo)party mood at 21:00 on Friday evening.

15th Aug 17

Best of 20 years: recording on Youtube

Just in case you missed the show on Sunday: we recorded the whole three hours for your pleasure and put it on Youtube!

The video is filled with highlights from groups like Haujobb, Still, Kolor and several others. With releases from two decades of Evoke.

Featured Releases

1:17 Evoke 2000 Invitation by Haujobb 
6:03 Wishful Twisting by Fnuque & Loonies & TBC 
10:19 Beta by Still 
14:24 metropolis by kolor 
18:23 it all comes together by 5711 
20:36 Lunaquatic by BluFlame 
23:49 apophenia by TRBL 
28:45 Invoke by Still & Conspiracy 
32:51 Dreamcatcher by LJ & Virgill 
36:14 Chameleon by ASD 
40:50 stückelwerk by Back Maiden 
45:24 S.P.H.E.R.E by Loonies 
47:58 Sweet home under synthetic clouds by Cocoon 
52:09 ninja in a box by TPOLM 
55:47 True Colors by Still 
59:29 amondo by Aenima 
1:05:06 Simon Ritter von Stampfer by stroboholics 
1:10:07 Rocket Science by Bauknecht & The Electronic Knights 
1:26:14 muoto by Traction & Brainstorm 
1:31:08 Finally Inside by Still 
1:35:48 anorgatronikum by calodox 
1:38:23 party heart by 5711 
1:41:18 calcatraz by Desire 
1:45:45 Green Cheese by Haujobb & kolor & Park Studio 
1:50:02 Light Rythm by Alcatraz & Rebels 
1:52:57 Wissenschaft by kolor 
1:57:11 pocket safari by Black Maiden & Park Studio 
2:01:06 nano by Kakiarts 
2:04:44 Antiphore by Inque 
2:07:56 Kings of the Playground by Equinox 
2:11:39 Perfect Love by lkcc & Bauknecht 
2:15:55 gracchus by kolor & freestyle 
2:18:24 e255 by Bomb & Sanity & Dreamdealers 
2:22:56 Die Ewigkeit schmerzt by neuro 
2:27:32 YouShould by Haujobb 
2:32:52 Final Audition by Plastic 
2:37:31 Overdrive by Titan 
2:44:05 20 by holon 

13th Aug 17

German website 4Sceners highlights best Evoke releases

"20 Jahre Evoke - 20 Jahre PC Demos" is the title of the article run by the german demoscene magazine 4Sceners. It highlights the best releases of 20 years of Evoke. Even if you don't speak german it's still fun to click through their compilation of lists of best demos, best invites, best 4ks and many more.

This will get you in the right mood for tonight's (august 13th, 20:00 CEST) "Best of Evoke" twitch show by Dino and Faxe.


11th Aug 17

Impulse Project Podcast: 20 Years of Evoke

We are flattered by what Bryan and Ed have to say about Evoke in the latest episode of their podcast. If you would like to learn more about Evoke and it's history and if you want listen to some of the past winners of Evoke's music competitions you should subscribe and listen to the Impulse Project Podcast.

10th Aug 17

Vladimir Storm on VR: Creating Cyberdelics and Alien Embryos

In addition to the two already announced seminars we are proud to welcome VR-specialist Vladimir Storm to our line up of speakers! 

The talk will cover several experimental art Virtual Reality (VR) experiences in detail. Best practices people use to design and develop VR worlds. It will show how to use Raymarching and Compute Shaders to create VR specific simulations, interactions and materials.

The talk will be Saturday at 18:30.

5th Aug 17

Best of 20 year demoshow on Twitch

To celebrate 20 years of Evoke we also want to honour all the great releases of the last two decades.

Unfortunately we don't have enough time to show all the gems we want to show during the regular slot at Evoke. So we came up with the idea to make a best of session on Twitch with no time restrictions.

Mark Sunday the 13th 20:00 CEST in you calendar.

Faxe and Dino will host the show with some background information, trying to handle Twitch chat and bring you into the best mood for Evoke just a few days later. At the moment we are digging trough 20 years of greatness, trying to get most of it running either in realtime or emulator.

We are looking forward to see you all on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/evoke

30th Jul 17

Evoke 2017 Music Acts

We are happy to present you with this year's musical line-up. We're looking forward to Ronny Pries' bangin' set, The Cybernetic Love Commandos' introduction to 1980s' Belgian beat (instead of Belgian beer, for a change), oldschool techno/trance from Bullet, Black Maiden Hi-Fi's Sunday morning vibes - and, as a world premiere, the Logicoma audiovisual trio rockin' the compo night with bass, breaks and visuals!

19th Jul 17

Seminars at Evoke 2017

We are finally lifting the curtains on the seminars at Evoke 2017:

First off is Fizzer who called his talk "Light Force: Making demos look incredible good by using Global Illumination".  

Second seminar is by Sebastian Bergmann (you might remember from his Evoke 2015 seminar) who sheds some light on "Amiga software development in 2017".

Both seminars will happen Saturday in the seminar room on second level.

More information on both seminars are available here.

17th Jul 17

ST-01 ProTracker compo

We're not only celebrating 20 years Evoke, but also 30 years of sample-based trackers!

In 1987, Karsten Obarski released his Ultimate Soundtracker, a piece of software for the Amiga that revolutionised demoscene music.

To celebrate this occasion, we have modified our tracking compo: You have to create a 4-channel ProTracker tune using only the samples from the original Soundtracker sample disk (the legendary ST-01). Read on for the rules...

17th Jul 17

Bitjam Podcast #217 – Best of Evoke

The third time Bitjam Podcast features an epoisode just containing Evoke releases! This time it´s Evoke organizer Teo to compile the track list and Vincenzo doing the mixing.

Go and download it from the Bitjam Podcast site...

01. Aech - Dust - 2013 Invitation (Party Heart / 5711)
02. A-move & Velvet - Voyager - 1999 Multichannel (1st place)
03. Drumhead aka. dq - Symbol (You Should Cut) - 2010 Invitation (Youshould / Haujobb)
04. Kritix - Feuermelder - 2000 Streaming (1st place)
05. lug00ber - The Alkama Challenge - 2015 Streaming (1st place)
06. Reed - Kings of Evoke - 2004 Invitation (Kings of the Playground / Equinox)
07. Shaman - Road to Granada - 2008 Streaming (13th place)
08. JCO - Computer, ich befehle dir! - 2007 Streaming (3rd place)
09. A-move - Pocket Safari - 2003 Invitation (Pocket Safari / Black Maiden & Park Studios)
10. Kenny Beltrey - The way we crack - 2008 Streaming (3rd place)
11. Paniq & Gary J. Hung - Fuckin' Aye Reloaded 4.0 - 2007 Streaming (4th place)
12. Ultrasyd - Campylobacter's Groove - 2012 Streaming (4th place)
13. Wiklund - Litotes - 2013 Streaming (1st place)
14. Glxblt - Gravelrash - 2011 Streaming (1st place)
15. Cosmiq & Cyrex - Last Train To Leningrad - 2013 Streaming (8th place)
16. Glxblt - The Monkey - 2012 Streaming (5th place)
17. Keith303 - We ain't no friends, mate - 2012 Streaming (9th place)
18. Subdream - Aahran Karana - 2014 Streaming (2nd place)
19. Wayfinder - It ends tonight - 2008 Streaming (4th place)
20. Teo - Skyline (Morning Mix) - 2016 Streaming (1st place)
21. Zippy - Track02 - 2012 Streaming (7th place)
22. Xerxes - The Tobias Heimlich Maneuver - 2011 Streaming (12th place)
23. Lucid - True Colors - 2016 Invitation (True Colors / Still)

15th Jul 17

prEvoke in 2017

The beloved prEvoke (happening 17th of August, in C4 hackerspace) is happening and there are some really neat cool features:

First of all they released an invitation at Underground Conference which... well... evokes some memories.

Plus they will offer a partyshirt which will be sold at 15 Euro. Even readable!

To sum it up: be there! Regularly even some totally destroyed organizers will show up and have a beer with you! 

7th Jul 17

Interviews with the organizers

Get to know the people and sceners behind Evoke a little better! We compiled interview with some organizers and will put them online over the next days.

We will start with our host Dino who reveals which shirt he enjoys the most and what other demoparties he likes. 

Watch our twitter account in the next days for the updates. All unlocked interviews can be found here.

4th Jul 17

Bitjam Podcast #216 – Best Compo Tracks from 20 years of Evoke

After a best of demo soundtracks the bitjam podcast is now focussing on a best of from Evoke music compos. Again, the tracks are mixed and selected by Vincenzo and Bobic.

Listen to their fine selection!


18th Jun 17

Bitjam Podcast #215 – 20 years of Evoke

The bitjam podcast gang is doing us the honors and just released a new episode full of the best soundtracks of demos released at the last 19 Evokes. The tracks were mixed together by Vincenzo and Bobic and Oni created an awesome animated logo for this special episode.

Go get it as long as it's fresh ...


8th Jun 17

Ticket presale starts: get yours!

Today the ticket presale via deinetickets.de starts for Evoke 20!

Just like the last years we offer regular tickets for 35 Euro. Supporter tickets are available at 200 Euro. More information is available on the website.

For the fast among you we will offer 20 tickets for just 20 Euro. This special will start today at 22:00 (CEST).

Get your tickets from our ticket shop.

PS: it is still perfectly fine to pay at the door. Presale ticket owners will not have any privileges. Whatever you prefer is fine with us :)

6th Jun 17

Evoke 20

Welcome to the website for Evoke 20: our birthday edition!

We are looking forward to celebrate this event with us! Again featuring the mixture of compos, live acts, seminars, bbq and friendly atmosphere you expect from Evoke. In addition we are preparing some specials that will look back at the 20 year history of Evoke. 

We will add more information to the website as the event approaches (read: live acts! seminars!). Meanwhile register for Evoke 20 so that we, your friends and group mates know that you are coming.

See you in Cologne in August!

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