Evoke 2005 Logo
Type Demoparty
Url www.evoke.eu
Date august 2005, 26th - 28th
Location Vulkanhalle,
Cologne-Ehrenfeld, Nordrhein-Westfalen
Links pouet csdb slengpung scene.org
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  »For the eighth time, we're getting ready to celebrate the coziest demoparty with you. Evoke 2005, your demoscene space odyssey is going to take place in Cologne in August again, so buckle up and step into the cockpit!«

Entrance fee

type price
regular 20 EUR  
girls free  
long distance 10 EUR  
combined ticket 42 EUR  


5th Dec 05

Article on Evoke 2005 from PAiN

Thanks to the nice guys from PAiN you can now read the "Evoke 2005 party report" online. It was originally written in German for 4Sceners.de and can be read online in English now. Have a nice read if you haven't got your PAiN magazine so far!

by poti //
19th Sep 05

Reorder Evoke T-Shirts

As some of you could not buy an Evoke-shirt at the party we now offer the possibility to reorder. For a definitive order send your size and address to shirt@evoke2005.net. We need at least 20 orders, prices are at 18 eur including shipping.

19th Sep 05

Demoscene.tv report

The guys from demoscene.tv made a really nice report of Evoke 2005. It's available as a 365mb divx-file. Go download :)

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