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26th Aug 06

Evoke Express

The quick portraits done at the Evoke for the "Evoke Express" project are finally online! Thanks to anyone for participating in the project.

15th Aug 06


Evoke 2006 is over. Thank you for making it a wonderful party! Like the last years we set up an after party page, where you can find a results, releases, articles, photos and more on Evoke 2006. See you at Buenzli, the Ultimate Meeting, Breakpoint or Evoke X.

3rd Aug 06

Live performance by .mo and Sudio

Remember the fun we had in 2004? Two artists from the Evoke Netlabel Night will perform live at Evoke 2006: .mo and Sudio are going to put on some nice drum n bass and techhouse tracks on Friday night. More information on both artists are available here.

3rd Aug 06

Crest Demoshow on Friday

After one year of pause Crest is back with a event Evoke is known for: his demoshow will start on Friday after the opening ceremony. It will contain a selection of the finest textmode demos plus some nice demos from this year's Assembly.

17th Jul 06

Evoke 2006 Theme Remix Compo

Remix the official Evoke 2006 theme song and take part in our special Evoke Theme Remix Compo. To give you some help we once again release the samplepack of our theme song. Please note that you may use the sample but that you are neither restricted to this samples nor do you even have to use them. Evoke 2006 Samplepack

13th Jul 06

demoscene.tv covers evoke

The nice people of demoscene.tv will cover this years evoke again! They will stop by during their "Soft Hard where? Everywhere!" Tour of 2006 and promised to deliver the (now) usual live feed (for all the shadow parties *nudge* *nudge*), as well as a 2006 version of the much loved partyreport from last year. Thanks for being on the train with us!

9th Jul 06

Link Evoke and win

Banners for Evoke are available! Help us by placing those banners on your website and win some fabulous prizes. Take a look here.

5th Jul 06

Travellers and Youngsters

First of all, we want to remind all those who have a long way to travel to Evoke, that again we offer long distance discount for those who travel more than 700km to reach us. However, you will be only granted long distance discount if you tell us about your coming in advance.
Second, if you are under 18 and want to visit Evoke, you're surely welcome. The only thing you have to do is to get a special permission paper signed by your parents. We will email this paper to you on request. For both concerns, use our contact formular.

21st Jun 06

Evoke 2006 website launched

Finally the Evoke 2006 website is launched at www.evoke2006.net! It already contains travel instructions, compo rules and other important information. And you can register yourself if you're thinking about coming. Other info will come up here really soon, so you should check the page regularly to stay tuned about Evoke 2006.

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