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Type Demoparty
Date march 2008, 19th - 23rd
Location The Vikingship,
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Credits harleyman
  »Last year, 5500 visitors attended the annual event which takes place at Vikingskipet Olympic Arena in Hamar, Norway, and lasts for five consecutive days. The normal ticket will cost 800,- (+ticket fee) and will include a membership in KANDU. More information about KANDU and why a membership is beneficial in more ways than a cheaper ticket is available together with an overview on how the ticketprices are constructed by following the "read more"-link at the bottom of this article. If you do not wish to become a member of KANDU but still visit TG08 this is of course possible but you will have to pay slightly more for your ticket. We also have some good news for all you foreigners who plan to visit TG08. Special tickets with a reduced price (400,- NOK) are available in our shop. Please note that you will need prove that you're eligble for these tickets by providing copies of travel-documents like airplane/train-tickets and a valid ID. If you're not a norwegian citizen, or a norwegian citizen living outside Scandinavia (ie. not in Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Finland) please apply for a Foreigner-ticket in our shop. You can buy your tickets at «

Entrance fee

type price
regular 800 NOK  
foreign 400 NOK  


27th Feb 08

Compo rules

The Gathering have posted "Rules and description for the creative competitions"

by poti //
14th Feb 08


The Gathering have announced the prizes for their "creative compos"

by poti //
6th Feb 08

The creative compos theme

There has been a mistake. We earlier announced that the theme for every creative compos were the same, but this were a mistake. Environmental Earth Values (either serious or ironic view) and/or Transformers is the theme for Themed graphics compo, and only that.

by poti //
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