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20th Dec 07

ASCII graphics compo

Added rules for the ASCII graphics compo at the compos page.

by poti //
10th Dec 07

Minor changes

Did some minor changes/additions to the schedule, compo and travel sections.

by poti //
25th Nov 07

New location!

Great news! Due to popular demand we have been looking for a partyplace in the city of Skövde and finally found one! The new place is Peach Pit student club in Skövde.

by malmix //
6th Nov 07


We are back from the great Jamaica Rom Party with the GREP White 2007 invitro! get the Inwhitero now!

by poti //
11th Oct 07

Website online!

The website for GREP White 2007 is now online!

by malmix //
28th Sep 07

Location is set

The location for GREP White 2007 will be the same as for GREP 2006, Älgarås/Skaraborg/Sweden. Website soon to come...

by malmix //
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Vortex 2017
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Syntax 2017
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dec, 2nd
Silly Venture 2k17
dec, 8th - 10th
Cookie Demoparty 2017
dec, 8th - 9th
Experience 2017
dec, 9th
Atari Last Party 2017 - 20th Anniversary
dec, 27th - 29th
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dec, 27th - 29th
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jan, 4th - 6th

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