27th May 08

Inspire Demoscene Event results

With some delay, here are the results of the competitions You can grab also the prods, some photos and iq’s seminar Thank you for coming! Inspire 08 Results 1st Demo: Xplsv - Invtro 1st 64K Rebels - Scenecon Invitation 2nd 64K Software Failure - Cronoscopium 1st 4k rgba - kindercrasher 2nd 4k Gatitos - Experiment in randomness 3rd 4k Genshiken - The Artifact 1st [...]

8th May 08

sleeping place information

some people were asking about what to bring and what not to bring for sleeping. Beds and bed clothing will be for free. Don’t forget to bring towells though.

8th May 08

Helpdesk phone number

In order to give the best event experience to participants, we’ve set up a phone number that will be available to help you from now on until sunday: +34 627463416 . Just call if you have any doubts about lodging, traveling, reaching the partyplace, …

2nd May 08

Seminars announced

We have our seminars for Inspire confirmed. We are happy to announce we will somehow cover the three main topics in demomaking from a coding point of view at least: music, graphics and 3d. Check in the “The Event” section, end of the page for a short description of the seminars.

25th Apr 08


The budget for prizes will come directly from the tickets. But anyway you didn’t expect to become rich at Inspire, did you? Inspire Demoscene Event awards the effort put on productions and/or final quality, and so prizes will be given regardless categories. We will do our best to judge correctly all the entries (and we will [...]

23rd Apr 08

Internet link confirmed

It’s just 2 week before Inspire starts. Are you working on your productions already? Haven’t registered yet?! We’re working hard to make Inspire a wonderful gathering, so we are pleased to confirm that Telefonica will be providing an internet link. You’ll be able to read mail and news, chat with your friends and surf [...]

28th Mar 08

Demo compo rules updated

We decided to allow .NET and Java entries for the demo competition. Now, show us what you can do in these platforms.

27th Mar 08

Invitation executable 4 kilobytes graphics

We presented the invitation production for Inspire last eastern weekend at the great Breakpoint 2008 party in Germany. Get it here or here. Take care its slow to run (needs half minute to render in mono-core machines).

22nd Mar 08

Inspire Web Site is UP!!

Inspire Demoscene Event The Inspire team and rgba proudly announce that the Inspire demoscene event will take place from 9 to 11 May 2008, as announced, in Errenteria, Guipuzkoa (close to San Sebastian), Spain. Party attendees will have a bed for free in a youth hostal near by, accessible by bus.

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